Monday, January 24, 2011

Sightings new Angry Birds?

Straight from the TV, according to a German television report appeared on a German television, Rovio is working on a new version of Angry Birds, so everything is smooth. The strange thing is that the documentary in question, which is visible in the video shown at the bottom of news and based on YouTube, contains footage of what appears to be an unpublished chapter of the game bird throwing.

The structure is the same as the basic elements (birds, pigs, sling), but the scenarios seem to be more varied and detailed. Do not seem to clips from any version already out on the market, this could be a new chapter that, in fact, should be working now with Rovio? Meanwhile, the original version has reached in recent days as many as 50 million downloads, which is more than enough to ensure a future of battles between birds and pigs.

DLC Central Discount Dance

Again this week the Xbox Live users Golds have a discount and it is the DLC that includes songs for the game Dance Central, which has support for Kinect. The songs are: Janet Jackson Control, Temperature by Sean Paul, Because of You by Ne-Yo and Word Up by Cameo. Just this week the price of each song will be 160 Microsoft points, thus obtaining a 33% discount on the normal value.

More confirmations on PSP2 power comparable to PS3

Even Cousens, Codemasters agrees Even the head of Codemasters, Rod Cousens, casts further confusion in the gaming world by surprise by supporting the argument, apparently supported by Sony itself, but rather amazing, the power on the PSP2. For some 'time to turn this part of the voice that wants the new Sony console, which could be presented Thursday to the same conference "PlayStation Meeting," in a manner comparable to the powerful PlayStation 3 as regards in particular the graphic rendering.

Details of Silent Hill: Downpour

The story continues with his character Pendleton Murphy, a convicted trapped in the dark mist of evil town of Silent Hill. The story begins on the outskirts of town, where the transport vehicle of the prison has an accident. It is here where one takes over, where you can see the game reveals its novelty, a claustrophobic environment in which we are not alone.

Silent Hill now has two new areas, Dinner and Pozo del Diablo. In addition to Konami released some screenshots where you can see the spectacular graphics in this game.

PlayStation Meeting confirmed for Thursday: PSP2 coming?

Dawn ... As had been repeatedly mentioned, Sony confirms the conference scheduled for Thursday, January 27 on the PlayStation something. The name given to the event is PlayStation Meeting, and is set for Thursday morning at precisely 3 pm Japanese time, which should correspond to 6 am according to Greenwich Mean Time.

We have spoken several times of the event and the possibility that it will be unveiled in the new PSP2, with lots of features revealed in part by the Nikkei, or even something about the PS Phone phantasmagorical, which probably will be fully unveiled in February during the Mobile World Congress.

Releases of the week from January 23

E 'dead' father 'of fitness video games

We learn from a pioneer who died in Kotaku these days Jack LaLanne, born in 1914 and the first man involved in a video game based on fitness. Long before the Nintendo Balance Board presented to the astonished international audience, someone else had thought about the possibility of combining the structure of the fitness video game.

The result in 1979 with Jack LaLanne's Physical Conditioning for Intellivision. The game, released on cassette, also contained an audio commentary recorded by the same LaLanne illustrating the various phases of the exercises to be performed. Source: Kotaku

3DS pointing to the "core gamers and Nintendo fans

But do not exclude anybody According to Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America held the audience with some respect with the release of Nintendo 3DS is the "core gamer" or of gamers and especially true to the line of the house in Kyoto. "We already know by now that the launch people will be more interested in buying 3DS those who bought pre earlier versions of DS.'m Loyal to Nintendo and people who love to play," said Scibetta to IndustryGamers.

Assassin's Creed: the art of a game

Within the exhibition Assassin's Creed - The art of a game, underway at the Customs Hall, Palazzo Ducale, the organizers of the event, Peter and Marco Millefiori Caprelli invite journalists, students and gamers at the convention- panel discussion on the relationship between the arts and the world of videogames.

A world that synthesizes strong dialogue between creativity and industry in contemporary society. Representatives of entertainment and gaming will discuss the art world to discuss the complex and controversial relationship between art and video games, both as a creative contribution of different languages and disciplines, both as an opportunity to develop a meditation on gender, putting some questions about its potential and its contradictions, even compared to the contemporary art world.

Samus is in Dead or Alive: Dimensions but not playable

The player will help the head of Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayoshi now specified the location of Samus Aran in the cast of Dead or Alive: Dimensions, a new chapter devoted exclusively to fighting 3DS. Given the experience of the development team with Metroid: Other M that heroin was easy to Nintendo stable of girls entered the deadly Team Ninja and his renowned fighting game, but the presence of Samus Aran, is special.

DC Universe the game is "fastest-selling" for Sony Online

The super-game, SOE President John Smedley of Sony Online said DC Universe Online is the title of "fastest selling" in the history of publisher specializing in online games. In a message on twitter, along with the communication of updates coming for the game, including some accommodation to the inventory system, Smedley said laconically that DC Universe Online is the best selling game in the shortest span of time with regard to the history of Sony Online, also representing the most downloaded title on Steam last week.

Silent Hill: Downpour in new images and information

Slightly different atmospheres Konami has today confirmed the release in the fall to set the new Silent Hill: Downpour, the eighth installment of the popular series of horror adventures acclimatized in the now historic town. A fair amount of images, including screenshots and artwork, have accompanied this information, along with other minor details.

The composer of the soundtrack is Daniel Licht, while the game will feature a "completely original story" based on the character of Murphy Pendleton, over alleged criminals to Silent Hill to fate (or so it seems). As seen in the images, Silent Hill: Downpour include some outlying areas of town hero of the series, in particular a large forest area where the protagonist will take their first steps and remember quite well that having some quarters of Alan Wake.

Japanese boys set a record held video game

Amassed a record 849 players will be added to the Guinness World Record these days: it is the "greater number of people working simultaneously on the same type of handheld." The record was established by several children belonging to a Japanese school in Odawara, which were found in 849 simultaneously in the same place in each play with a Nintendo DS.

The event was sponsored by Benesse Corporation, which has been delivered by the demo of "edutainment" with which the lads played. The new record is to beat the previously established by a group of British boys who had reached the quota of 659 players.

Valve: PS3 will not affect the hacks on the development

Made peace and lasting After final peace with Sony PlayStation 3, despite the memorable moments of open conflict of the past, Valve has recently given another proof of unconditional support for the console in question. In the midst of the chaos unleashed in recent days by the various hacking and more or less legitimate means of penetrating hardware and software for PlayStation 3, Valve's Chet Faliszek proved confident that these episodes can not have any particular impact on the development of games, especially on Portal 2.

Codemasters confirms the rumors on PSP2

Rumour Sony PSP2 should reveal in Japan by the end of the week. Meanwhile, the CEO of Codemasters, Rod Cousens, who confirmed that for some time it says the successor to the PSP, which will offer performance comparable to the level of graphics to those of the first games of the PlayStation 3 (the first Motorstorm and Resistance to name a few).

During the event in Amsterdam dedicated to 3DS, Cousens told Videogame Source that, regarding the portable video game, the industry is still "on the tip of the iceberg", while regarding the CEO of Codemasters PSP2 confirmed that the rumors are founded on the power of the handheld. "Soon you will have handheld devices as powerful as notebooks.

The European date of LA Noire

Three days later than the last official American version, the European release date for LA Noire is scheduled for May 20. In the meantime, we are anxiously awaiting the official version and high definition video over the weekend appeared incidentally.

Plus the Wii Fit sold more in Italy

Wii Fit Plus breaks the rule of Gran Turismo 5 on the list of products for most consoles sold in Italy. In the week between 10 and 16 January, the Polyphony Digital racing game slide in second place followed by the bundle that includes Kinect Adventures Kinect. Still in the top ten the last chapters of the most successful series in Italy, or Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, PES 2011 and FIFA 11.

Target achieved (and exceeded) for Cthulhu Saves the World

Coming soon to PC after a fund raising lightning Only recently the team of independent development Zeboyd Games, author of Cthulhu Saves the World, began an initiative to raise funds to complete the transposition of the particular game in question featured PC. In less than a month, the goal of $ 3000 was reached and exceeded, they know, even it was day.

During the first 48 hours had already reached the middle of the road. Apparently, the task of fund raising has been structured by Kickstarter specialized site, a portal that takes care of such projects. These will have little time at this point to see a PC version of the particular pseudo-Japanese RPG with the system already out on Xbox Live Indies.

Mafia Wars available in Italian

Mafia Wars is now available in Italian, tells the world's leading developer of social games, Zynga. After Versions in French, German and Spanish, the company wanted to improve the gaming experience with a new Italian user selectable option from the main menu. 15% of players Mafia Wars Zynga does know, they speak four languages, and understanding of the text in-game is essential to succeed in the game, said Zynga.

Flight Control at a height of almost 3.9 million

The arcade game of flying high Firemint According to data released by Apple, Flight Control is part of the list of iPhone sold more than ever, with its 3,881,634 downloads. This is an outstanding result for the title developed by Firemint, an arcade game (also available for iPad DSiWare and platform) where you have to manage air traffic by using the touch screen, and was among the first to support the system Game Center for sharing and managing scores of friends lists.