Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Forbes predicts the rise and decline of Apple, Sony and Microsoft

What you see in the future? Paul Tassi wrote an interesting prediction of what will be the future of the gaming market to Forbes, which indicates a number of issues that could actually achieve what appear to be the current trends. In 2020, just one decade, we will not use multiple disks, but the whole market will have moved toward digital delivery for rates.

This will lead to new anti-piracy system and a boost to digital rental. Rates also expected that Apple and Google will see in the next few years, buy a position of increasing importance in the world of games, while Sony and Microsoft to address WOULD BE the beginning of their decline. By 2010, even the 3D glasses will become vital and free, while in 2040, a period of time, certainly much farther away, you think you may see rates take hold holograms.

AMD Radeon HD6950 can be unlocked and raised to HD 6970

For those lucky enough to have an AMD HD 6950 graphics card, there is good news for this year end. Thanks to AMD and a less secure method of locking the Radeon 6950, this can be unlocked and raised to a Full HD 6970 just a few clicks of the mouse. The process can be performed safely from Windows and if things go wrong, will not be a concern given that these cards pose Dual-Bios and so we can return to the original version.

Real Racing 2, incredible graphics in a small package

The Real Racing 2, it is a racing simulator and is designed for IOS operating systems (Apple operating systems for your portable devices.) The highlight of this game are its graphics are excellent when you consider that we play in a phone like the iphone or the popular iPad. We met with 30 vehicles of the most recognized companies such as Lotus, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Volvo, among others.

In the section of the gameplay will have different ways to control your vehicle, you may be using the Accelerometer (with brake manual or automatic), using the touch screen, and within their options are to choose the braking or acceleration manually or automatically. At the end of each section we see how our journey was through a video of our journey.

A new video of Uncharted 3

Burn baby, burn Naughty Dog has released a new trailer long divided into two parts showing a party of Uncharted Drake 3 in which we see involved in a series of action scenes and acrobatics in what remains of a ruined house and burned. Drake and Sully is accompanied by some sequences will be clear in the dynamics of cooperation between the two.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2, with new characters trailer

New characters of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 were seen in the latest trailer present, it is the young Heihachi Mishima and a woman that her name was not immediately known, a specialist in fighting wrestling. The trailer focuses on the skills that each character has since made a comeback of the first game of Tekken Tag.

Baek and Hwoarang take turns to perform a series of spectacular kicks, Heihachi and Kazuya young people take turns to smash their faces in others, and Lili and Xiaoyu demonstrate their ability to turn his opponent. Tekken Tag Tournament 2, apparently will be in the summer of 2011 for Japanese arcades.

A prototype of the first Zelda

Easier? The Lost Levels forum dedicated to retrogaming, unveiled a prototype version of The Legend of Zelda, the first title which appeared on the famous saga of Nintendo's NES. The prototype has different layouts for the rooms, different sprites, music and a different set of details that are verie treats for fans of the game in its final version is made substantially more difficult than its prototype.

CODE_18 (X360): A teaser for Japanese code_18

Cyberfront, Japanese manufacturer very active in the graphic novel (similar to our concept of graphical adventure) has opened a preview site dedicated to the new code_18, video games are still shrouded in mystery and directed exclusively to Xbox 360. The site contains only a picture of five girls in the game (and their names) and a reference to the series previously published by Infinity Plus Cyberfront and containing many similar games ever made available in the West.

The PlayStation Phone in Europe in the spring?

It could be an issue of the journal Japanese Asahi Shimbun has revealed some information on the still unofficial PlayStation Phone, which is now said in a rather concrete for some time, despite its non-existence. The phone will be based on the design of the PSP will go and Google Android operating system.

The report speaks of the buttons on the PSP and go to the same system of slides, but the most interesting thing is that it cites the launch in western markets of U.S. and Europe apparently planned for next spring. Expect an announcement at this point in the not too remote.

TREASURE HUNTER INSTITUTE (PC): Ubisoft goes hunting for treasure

It's called Treasure Hunter Institute - abbreviated THI - the new online PC game produced by Ubisoft and is currently in development at studios in Bucharest of the French publisher. A leader of the project are Frédérick Raynal, better known in the field of video games as one of the parents of historical Alone in the Dark and Little Big Adventure.

THI is a video game focused on the exploration of lost civilizations and a model based on free-to-play ": anyone can download the game client and adventure, while those who want to shell out money can buy special equipment or through micro-transactions monthly. At this page of the official website you can view several videos that introduce the main mechanisms of this particular game.

A date for American Dynasty Warriors 7

By us a few days after Tecmo Koei has announced the date scheduled for American release of Dynasty Warriors 7 will be on U.S. shelves next March 22, followed by Europe on the 25th of that month. The game will support a move to 3D and for the PS3 version, and in co-op mode. There seems to be the presence of a free roam mode called "Chronicle Mode" where you can choose from more than 60 people who will support them even animals such as elephants and pandas.

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3: FATE OF TWO WORLDS (PS3): attacks Galactus Marvel VS Capcom 3?

The artist Kevin Sharpe would have missed an interesting detail on the list of characters in Marvel VS Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds, the third installment of the famous series of fighting cross-over "developed by Capcom. Sharpe would be working on a comic book that will accompany the release of the game and has already released some pages are not definitive in its online portfolio.

These images were later removed in a matter of hours, time enough to see that next to the "bad" targati Marvel already confirmed in the game were also deployed two major "intruders" Galactus and Taskmaster. It remains to be seen whether these are two simple cameo in the comic or - as you would suspect the sudden removal of materials from the site - additional fighters in the game and have not been announced by Capcom.

NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. (Nintendo DS): Mario is still a record in Japan

As reported by Famitsu and translated by Kotaku, the first Nintendo DS game to the finish line of the 6 million copies sold in Japan is New Super Mario Bros., which debuted on the market at home May 25, 2006. Apparently, more than four years away (the sales figures are relative to the previous December 26), the two-dimensional platform dedicated to Miyamoto plumber continues to sell like hot cakes and do not seem to feel the passing of time.

CATHERINE (PS3): A pillow for Catherine

That Catherine was a game out of the ordinary was evident from the earliest ads: it's not every day to meet with an action-game-hued so openly sexy and alluring, seductive stuff to embarrass the Bayonetta. Enterbrain, publisher of Famitsu, has thought well to adapt by offering a special edition of the game developed in agreement with Atlus, producer of the game.

A video for Trooper SW: The Old Republic

 Details on the class BioWare has released a video showing one of his classes of the expected new MMO: Star Wars: The Old Republic. These are the Trooper, one of the most advanced fighting forces of the universe, equipped to deal with any environment or opponent. The Trooper are described as formidable in spirit, characteristic of greater value than their equipment, in addition to the sense of duty, the absolute fidelity to their mates and to the ideals of the Republic.

THE LAST STORY (WII): Sakaguchi relies on The Last Story

With the approach of the Japanese release date - scheduled for January 11 -, there are the interviews with Hironobu Sakaguchi in respect of The Last Story, his last work in the field of Japanese role-playing games live on Nintendo Wii. After providing details about the game itself, Sakaguchi also talked about their future, partly retracting his statement of last July, when he mentioned the possibility of abandoning the world of video games after the publication of The Last Story.

Nintendo 3DS (3DS): 3DS to avoid for children?

In Nintendo's Japanese web site page devoted to events of presentation of the new portable Nintendo 3DS, the company has released some interesting information about the usage of the console. First of all, Nintendo should take a break of ten minutes per half hour (where the current display is to take a break every hour).

In addition, the Japanese company does not recommend the use of the Nintendo 3DS children under six years, highlighting how children in this age group are still completing the development of their visual skills and may therefore have problems or illness. Note how this information is similar to that adopted for the 3D cinema.

VIRTUAL ON FORCE (X360) Virtual On Sega makes region-free

Since Sega has announced a "new" chapter of Virtual On Xbox 360 direct to fans of the series have wondered if it would ever come to the West. In fact today there is no news about the publication of the European Virtual On Force Fortunately, some retailers have revealed that the Asian game, Japanese edition, it has no territorial blocks.

Not only that, but Sega also included in the game menu in English, therefore making it accessible to users Westerners. Virtual On Force for the Xbox 360 went on sale in Japan last week is that regular edition in a luxurious package "limited."

A short film dedicated to Duke Nukem

Amateur but very successful ... Through the portal, Youtube, has been allocated a home movie, which is of high quality, dedicated to the legendary Duke of Duke Nukem. The title of the piece is called The Duke: Fate of Humanity. Lasting a few minutes, the short film tells the minutes before an alien invasion, with great style and homage to the legendary video game character.

It seems that even some representatives of Gearbox Software and 3DRealms as George Broussard and Mikey Neumann, have expressed words of praise for the movie and its authors so that they can really think of creating a film based on the complete short. We can not help but hope so.

Mass Effect 2 (PS3): Discount for Mass Effect 2 on XBLA

The owners of Mass Effect 2 for Xbox 360 and still not have gone beyond the game "base" might be interested to offer today's Countdown 2011 initiative. Continuing the series of year-end discounts on Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft has announced today to a reduction of 50% of the expansion packs for the game of science fiction weblog Bioware: the price of these packages is therefore reduced to 200 Microsoft points each .

3DS: titles unveiled at the event in January

Always better ... We had already provided some details about the conference organized by Nintendo in January to present the 3DS version of the highly anticipated new portable console sold virtually forever. Today we learn that during the event, which will take place in New York remember the 8th of January, there will be a series of titles playable on the one hand, and yet others see them through a trailer (or both), by 'other.

PLAYSTATION PHONE (AND): PlayStation Phone in the spring

Gradient provided by the announcement rumors for last December 9, new rumor about so-called PlayStation Phone (Z1 or Sony Ericsson, as it might actually be called) have appeared on the Japanese press, promptly translated by Kotaku. This is for the more than confirmation of news already given, with the addition of a release date that was fixed to the spring 2011 for Europe and the United States (and which is in line with a presentation in February during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona).

Mass Effect 2 DLC off on Xbox Live

Not bad ... From here until December 31 within Xbox Live every day will be good to purchase content at low cost, having regard to the promotions that follow until the end of a wild turn. Today's protagonist Maff Effect 2, action / RPG Bioware also rich with regard to expansion. Just for all of its DLC (Overlord, Shadow and Kasumi) are in fact affordable only for the day today to 200 Microsoft Points each.

Serious Sam 3 (PS3): meets on Croteam Serious Sam 3

Although he agreed to answer questions from Big Download on Serious Sam 3, you can not say that Croatian Alen Ladavac team Croteam has undone much. In this first-person shooter waited for years yet know little or nothing, never a screenshot or even a movie on which to lay his eyes, never a detail on environments and enemies, never a mention of the platforms on which will be released, not to nothing we waited in vain throughout 2010 and shows no signs of materializing soon.

Neverwinter Nights 2 (PC) Neverwinter Nights 2 returns on Steam

In the welter of offers of Steam, this time of year, maybe not all have noticed the "new entry" Neverwinter Nights 2 Platinum, sold yesterday with a 50% discount that will last throughout the first week of release. The card game shows the contents of this edition, which includes the two official expansions: Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir and the original toolset to create new adventures to share and play with friends.

InFAMOUS 2 (PS3): Two screenshots inFamous 2

Through the usual official PlayStation Blog, developers Sucker Punch have promised many details coming next year about inFamous 2, the second chapter of the free-roaming action series that debuted on PlayStation 3 in 2009. The announcement, quite thin, but is peppered with two new screenshots that are in the bottom of this news.

As related news, always at the above address, find a long series of photographs taken in the new offices of the developers, who have decided to expand significantly within the same building where they had already established their headquarters.