Saturday, December 25, 2010

The best games for the 2010 seconds iOS Metacritic

Shopping tips Metacritic, in case you did not know, is essentially a portal that collects the reviews and assessments drawn from several other sites in film criticism, music and gaming (including multiplayer. Com) and calculate the averages for any entertainment product based on ratings assigned by the various reviews.

As we approach the end of the year, as always, it's time for global evaluations to help draw up the list of "best games" released in the 12 months just passed, at least according to the votes it rebuilt. We deal here of 25 games for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, which received the best ratings, the ranking just from Metacritic: Super QuickHook Dark Nebula: Modern Combat 2 Episode 2: Black Pegasus Ragdoll Blaster 2 Cut the Rope Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars vs Plants.

ANGRY BIRDS (IPhO): Angry Birds updated again

Rovio has updated again with 15 Angry Birds levels related to the environment Frontier Badlands previously seen on the iPad. Android comes instead from the versions Mighty Eagle (basically a cheat to deal with any level) sold separately as DLC, and of course, another golden egg to find. Angry Birds, the last full update, is only 79 cents on iTunes.

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3: FATE OF TWO WORLDS (PS3): Marvel Vs Capcom 3 has a special trailer

For over thirty video already published for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 adds a new movie in a special Christmas edition. In the video, but you will not find any reference to Christmas, only played a clever montage of scenes and animations of the wrestlers revealed so far. Not missing a taste of the plot that will clash in the middle of New York, as usual.

At the end of the trailer also mentions a new listing on the characters' different voices appeared on the net recently indicated as the probable Ken and Akuma, hoping instead that Capcom uses PiĆ  fantasy (Ryu clones have had their day).

Gainward GeForce GTX 570 Phantom - 1280MB GDDR5, cold and silent

Gainward The company has proudly introduced its powerful graphics card, and a revolutionary design itself, the "Phantom." This graphics card is a superior performance in games at low temperature with an acoustic noise level very low, providing quieter sustainability and the ability to yield the highest performance.

Phantom plays Gainward's innovative capacity and adopts the best materials in its class for enthusiasts. Gainward GeForce GTX 570 in their version of Phantom innovates with a new thermal solution, revealing the mask, will be fascinated to find 6 important pieces compuestopor Discip "Discip tubes (heat pipes) Gainward called Grand-Prix, designed hybrid tubes 6 mm in copper base to cool more efficiently from the nucleus and to improve it has three external PWM fans silent, the GR8 (this name makes mention to 8 cm in diameter and large power), on the other side has 44 heat dissipating fins bound over the heat pipes.

Games News: Codemasers critical shooter set in real wars.

Share this story Share on Facebook too! Comes a statement from Codemasters that will surely set off numerous controversies, especially from the fans. In fact, according to the developers at Codemasters and his staff, all of these first-person shooter but have locations in real conflicts, and perhaps still in progress are not attractive and neither are fair from a moral point of view.

A developer of Codemasters says that not long ago became aware of an unfortunate fact: in fact the grandson of one of her colleagues had been killed by a bomb in these territories where chaos is the order of the day. And that's why, when it had (the developer) to decide whether to go to the meeting where you had to study the details for costrure a bomb (video game), has decided to give up.