Sunday, May 1, 2011

PlayStation Network: expected this week to restore service

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Sony Entertainment Network International (SNEI) announced that it will start a short recovery services PlayStation Network and Qriocity, starting with those relating to gaming, music and video. The company has simultaneously announced a series of immediate actions to further enhance security throughout the network, and a new program for customers with the objective to thank them for their patience and loyalty.

The series comes to Bit.Trip 3DS

The developers of Aksys Games announced that all six games in the series Bit. Trip will be released in one compilation for 3DS. Such securities (Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate and the recent Flux) will undergo a restyling, but will maintain the original gameplay, offering a mix of different styles focus on music and rhythm.

The series was released on WiiWare for the first time in 2009, but few titles have appeared on PCs and IOS. Unfortunately it is not yet announced an official release date.

Second patch for PC Portal 2

A couple of other problemini It 'been released at this time a second patch for Portal 2 on PC, available on Steam. This is the second update in about a week or so for the special first-person puzzle game from Valve, issued in particular to address some bug as blocking found in some cases at the beginning of the sixth chapter or the failure to detect the joystick.

More information about the patches are visible to the address below, while this summer, please note the arrival of the first DLC pack with new levels and a challenge mode which should be downloaded for free. Source: Steam

Need for Speed: The Run in November returning the illegal races badged EA

The classic is always in fashion: it is through this statement today to inform you that the next chapter in the forthcoming multi acclaimed franchise Need For Speed. On 18 November 2011, will be released Need for Speed: The Run, as has recently formalized its parent company EA. Title of course expected on 3DS, PC, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360, where we will be called to the street racing.

A return to the past for most fans of the genre, which at the time of the old generation console gloat for adventures in the saga Underground. Not the sequel to Hot Pursuit, or SHIFT: the feeling is that a return to old-fashioned, that EA has tried repeatedly to revive, but not failing.

PSN: partial return this week, complete by May

It provided a welcome program was held this morning, the official conference announced by Kaz Hirai on PlayStation Network business, which has led to some information on the state of things and on the expected return to normalcy. This week is expected to return a "partial", or only part of the functionality, but full functionality will only come by May, even without a precise date.

These are the options that will be reactivated in a few days: Make use of online games and downloaded games back of the infrastructure for online play to PlayStation 3 and PSP to access account management with the need to change the Password properly Buddy List Management Features chat (not appointed voice chat, the promise of rumors these days) PlayStation Home Music Unlimited access to Qriocity on PS3 and PSP for registered users access to movie downloads to rent and not yet exploited on PS3, PSP and the rest MediaGo of features, so, obviously, even the PlayStation Store, will be reactivated during May, with dates to be announced later by Sony.