Saturday, February 19, 2011

There is already talk of another Medal of Honor

Danger Close says ... Apparently the success of Medal of Honor has allowed China Danger of being able to plan a direct sequel. In fact, as stated by Greg Goodrich of the software house, a Medal of Honor 2 is already in the works, although for the moment we do not know neither the details, let alone the official name.

Source: VG247

First image for Saints Row 3?

We'll see ... at Game Informer Our proposal should be the first screen on Saints Row 3, the last chapter of the series published by THQ. In fact, it would appear that the image on the next cover of Game Informer magazine, which is expected to be in charge of providing the first details on production.

Source: VG247

Bulletstorm: PC demo after launch

Better late than never ... The demo Bulletstorm on the PC platform (already distributed to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) is in the works, but will be released only after the launch of the title on the market. So said Mark Rein of Epic attravero the usual Twitter, including how work for this demo are in place to distribute the file as soon as possible.

Source: VG247

Listed Agent 2 Puzzle

Telltale Games still the star of an ad, this time about the sequel to Puzzle Agent, surprising title released last year. Puzzle Agent 2 is officially in the developing world and its release is planned for next summer on PC, PlayStation 3 devices and IOS. If you've never heard of this series, we recommend you start your trip by the friendly official website

Deathsmiles comes to iOS

Ladies and lots of colorful proiettilini shooter fans and iPhone owners have something to enjoy from this spring: Cave announced the conversion of Deathsmiles iOS platforms for that period. This is a 2D shooter from the classic old school, with horizontal scrolling and a particular penchant for trouble very selective and the propensity towards the gothic lolita Nipponese.

At the moment there are not many details about the version iOS but probably it will be a faithful translation, but in this case the billions of proiettilini color that fills the screen will obviously be even smaller and probably will lead us to more easily transformed into rage guy, now in public.

Telltale resurrect King's Quest

The King's Quest series, created and made famous by Sierra Entertainment, is ready to get back on track thanks to the team Telltale Games. This was announced during an event held last night, was one of the airline's boss, Steve Allison, who must specify that the new project will consist of several chapters and will arrive on "multiple platforms".

"We want to revive King's Quest as we did in the past with Tales of Monkey Island, but for now I can not tell you more. More information will come during the next E3". The first episode of King's Quest was released on PCs in the now distant 1984. Followed it with 7 followed, the last of which, Mask of Eternity, dates back to 1998.

LittleBigPlanet patched 2

Media Molecule has released a new patch for LittleBigPlanet 2, which solves a bit 'general problems and gameplay. The update 1.01, code-named Cupcake, should solve the crashing problems experienced by some players of the game. A complete list of changes is available on the official Media Molecule. In addition to the patch, the developers have made available the first set of levels created by users of the community, available through the hub of LBP.

Portal 2 is ready, says Gabe Newell

The co-founder of Valve's also talk of sales and experimentation During a videoconference with the Tippecanoe Valley High School, Gabe Newell said that work on Portal 2 have been completed and that Valve is awaiting the go-ahead to start the physical construction of game. It was not the only subject of the "lesson" given by Newell, however: the managing director of Valve spoke about the marketing strategies of the digital platform Steam, the revenue produced by this type of deployment and experimentation in the field of gaming.

Treyarch opens Zombieland

Players who have not yet managed to unlock all the contents of the zombie mode of the Black Ops can enjoy them during this weekend thanks to the team Treyarch, who has decided to release them for free for 48 hours. The playful promotion will end on Monday when the gates of Zombieland Call of Duty will return to the last close.

From that point on, you only have one way to play it again, give you normally do to unlock the game.

More details on U.S. sales data for January

Wii and PlayStation 3 in fall compared to last year come new details from the monthly reports drawn up by the NPD, and in this case it seems that sales of Wii and PlayStation 3 during the month of January in the U.S. have suffered a decline over the same period of 2010. According to statements made by well-known analyst Michael Pachter to website CVG, would be 319,000 units sold in January for the Wii, or 31% less than the same month in 2010.

Danger Close to Medal of Honor 2

An excellent sequel to Medal of Honor, released last year, is currently in development at Team Danger Close. The announcement was the executive producer of the first chapter, Greg Goodrich, on the official website of the company. Goodrich did not provide details about the game but he assured that it will be "a new and exciting journey." "Since last October we heard the advice of the fans, metabolized the feedback we have heard and studied new solutions for this sequel." "I wish I could give you some details and describe the innovations that we are doing, but for now I can not.

Melissa Miller talks about Duke Nukem Forever

Video interview with 2K Games senior producer Melissa Miller, senior producer for 2K Games has released a video interview he talks about Duke Nukem Forever. The character of Duke Nukem, according to Miller, he still enjoys a certain popularity and has no direct rivals in today's entertainment. In the game we will see him struggling with the fame gained by saving the world, and with the responsibility that this will result when the aliens will want to again try to invade our planet.

Fruit Ninja 6 million and a charity

It 's time to plant a few trees Fruit Ninja is a confirmation of videogaming's most popular App in App Store, reaching an impressive milestone in terms of download. Halfbrick announces it has arrived at 6 million downloads of "pay", or buy complete, with regard to the game by slicing the fruit, it seems a simple concept as it is irresistible.

At this, Halfbrick decided to sponsor the construction of a large plantation of fruit trees for a "community of Native Americans in low-profit", which will be managed by The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Source: Official Website of Halfbrick

Danger Close working on a new Medal of Honor

The producers insist Danger Close, Greg Goodrich, confirmed on his blog that the development team is currently working on Medal of Honor. It is in fact the same authors of the previous chapter, that of "reboot", which has updated the number of FPS in bringing a contemporary scene after a long history of chapters to the historical setting.

Danger seemed earlier that China would work on a new IP, but apparently this is not the case. Lack information about the game, obviously not yet the time, but still ensures that Goodrich will be "a nice trip for the Medal of Honor franchise." Source: Blog Greg Goodrich

Telltale working on a reboot of King's Quest

The series returns to the glorious episodes from the conference held yesterday evening by Telltale, focusing on innovations in production from the development team, it was also the forthcoming arrival of a "reboot" of the King's Quest series. For those not familiar, it is a historical series of adventure games developed by Sierra between years 80 and 90, which will be taken up by Telltale in an operation similar to that done with Tales of Monkey Island, thus presumably adventures episodic structure with 3D graphics.

Another Two Worlds in 2012

In response to the accusations, TopWare shoot the bomb in the middle of a press officer Topware released in response to rumors that the publisher sees ostracize those warheads that have not been evaluated Two Worlds II with at least a 7, as reported by Destructoid, check also a kind Listing on another later in the series.

"We feel, as a company, have made great efforts with our game and we look forward to going to the next chapter," said TopWare, "we try to improve our work and every time we have developed a new 3D engine and advanced the team to the CG animation and we will use for the next chapter of Two Worlds which will arrive in 2012.

Sony Xperia Play shows the white

According to the latest news leaked, UK consumers can get their hands on an issue white Xperia play in should they choose O2 as a provider. At the moment we have no information, unfortunately, about the possibility that other nations can benefit from such an exclusive, but it is expected that in the coming weeks will be made clearer in this regard.

So we can not help but wait, while enjoying the first pictures of this special edition of the much smartphone.

Patch coming for Test Drive Unlimited 2

Via a tweet by Lee Kirton, marketing director at Namco Bandai, it was announced that within two weeks will release a patch to solve some problem with Test Drive Unlimited 2. Since launching the console versions of the product, as well as the PC edition, it has highlighted several issues that the team will try to remedy as quickly as possible.

As reported on the official forum of the game, these are some of the innovations we can expect:

A date for Alien Breed 3 on PS3

Alien Breed 3: Descent finally will arrive on PlayStation Network next week, with about three months later than the counterpart to Xbox Live Arcade. According to the EU made known through the PlayStation Blog, the purchase price will be € 8.99. Descent is the third and final chapter in the saga of Alien Breed, a trilogy of downloadable shooter who made his debut on the Xbox 360 exclusive as temporary.

Nintendo believes in physical media

Although the digital delivery services are growing, Nintendo seems to think that physical media will not be replaced so easily. "We have never found any connection between the growth of digital delivery and the decline of the traditional market," said Laurent Fischer of Nintendo Edge. "They are two completely different markets and there has never been anything that proves a link between them." Statements of Fischer must therefore be added to those of the Kaz Hirai, who last August said that the digital delivery could begin to permanently replace the physical media only in ten years.

PCGA: PC piracy is declining

Despite the recent reports relating to the spread of a build pirate Crysis 2, some say that piracy on the PC is in sharp decline. "What is interesting [according to research PCGA] is that piracy has had its best time period in which everything was based on physical media and was therefore sufficient to find the crack just to play," said Matt Ployhar, President of the PC Gaming Alliance during an interview with Gamasutra.

Sony is launching Gamocracy

Have you always wanted to contribute to the development of a video game? If the answer is yes, then the recent initiative announced by Sony could be a great excuse to start pursuing that dream. Through the project Gamocracy, Sony as it requests your help to work with the Swedish software house The Bearded Ladies Consulting, the implementation of a platform that will see action later in the light of the Minis categotria PlayStation Store.

Android on your TV: you can do!

If you're Android users will be pleased to know that now, thanks to your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 you can now view the contents of your mobile device Android directly on your television. According to what reported by Pocket-Lint, DoubleTwist has in fact recently optimized its application synchronization to enable this feature.

The service is now known as AirTwist and can be purchased as part of DoubleTwist App anyone had already bought will clearly take advantage of this feature at no additional cost.

Black Ops bonus levels for the weekend

Coming Soon ... On the occasion of U.S. President's Day will be released this weekend, two new bonus levels for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Activision signed last chapter of the franchise. Then we came DOA (Dead Ops Arcade) and Five: the first allows a team of three people to go hunting the Cosmic Siverback, the second one introduces a defense attacked by zombies.

The Institute on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Source: GameFocus

Shift 2 postponed a week

Through a recent press release from Electronic Arts has announced the launch of Shift 2: Unleashed will experience a slight delay. The title, originally scheduled for March 25, will hit stores a week later, ie 31 (it is a Thursday, and it is likely that the date may be further postponed to April 1). Although no details are given on the length of the delay suggests that this decision was taken following small problems distrubution.

New images from MotorStorm Apocalypse

Much impact ... Evolution Studios has released a set of new pictures for MotorStorm Apocalypse, waiting for exclusive PlayStation 3, which will debut in Europe next March. It is spectacular as usual screenshots, they see the race cars and motorcycles to suit all tastes. Find the material attached below: Source: VG247

Activision has "abused" by Guitar Hero

Why Guitar Hero is dead? Lately, many are asking this question, but Kelly Summer, former CEO RedOctane, publisher of the first Guitar Hero, seems to have an answer: because they have "abused" the franchise. In an interview with MCV, Summer has held that "tried to get the franchise too much in too short a time." "They have abused the franchise but there is no reason why this should end.

It 's a great product." "I think there's still a decent market for Guitar Hero, but you can not expect that each chapter sells millions of copies." "Just look at the way in which Take-Two has managed the success of GTA. They have not carried buckets of chapters to fill the shopping season after season, but they did things calmly and sensibly, and even after ten years, the franchise is still very strong.

Steve Jobs is fine, yesterday for dinner with Obama

It would seem in fair condition ... Yesterday we told you about an alleged appearance of Steve Jobs at a dinner organized by the United States President Barack Obama. That fact could provide some certainty about the physical conditions of the icon of Apple, which last time had been given more and more insistently as very critical.

Well, the dinner took place, I bring home a picture at the bottom of the article. Steve Jobs is back, it would seem at least in fair condition.