Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A nice "Easter Egg" for Crysis 2

Do not open that lift As you may have read by the excellent review of our Umberto Moioli, Crysis 2 is a game of excellent quality, with a single player campaign filled with ideas and thick, and a multiplayer promising and diverse. We did not expect less from a team like Crytek, has shown that, with the movie shown below, not only to possess a rare talent, but also a great sense of humor.

The Easter Egg in question, discovered by some users and promptly posted on YouTube, shows the protagonist of the game in front of an unusual situation indeed ...

Update of 23 March for the PlayStation Network

Fancy a bit 'of wrestling? What do you say then download the demo of WWE All Stars, which has just landed on the European PlayStation Store? Alternatively you can immerse yourself in the world DC Universe, available to download from a few hours. But what if you had wanted a little 'music? Well, then nothing better than a few new songs for Rock Band and Def Jam Rapstar 3.

As usual you can find the complete list of content available on the PlayStation blog, or, alternatively, below. PS3 Games PS3 Demo Additional Content PSone Classics PS3 (PS3 and PSP) Minis (PS3 and PSP) PSP Special Offers PSP PlayStation Additional Content Move (available until March 30)

Date Japanese Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

The game will hit stores in June Nipponese latest issue of Famitsu has announced the official release date for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D in Japan: Capcom action game for Nintendo 3DS Nipponese will hit stores on June 2, at price of 4800 yen (about 42 €). The characters shown in the pages of the article include Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine: the first will use heavy weapons like rifles and magnum, the second will make use of light machine guns and rifles, using the knife and kicking in the case of melee.

Hotz hunted by Sony

George 'Geohot' Hotz, the hacker responsible for violating the security of PlayStation 3, has decided to emigrate to South America rather than face to face to contend with Sony's lawyers. "After the judge has ordered an inspection of the material held by Hotz and ordered him to appear for a deposition in California, the director has deliberately removed some components of its hard disk and decided to go to South America," said Japan company's lawyers.

Crysis 2: some fans discover the hidden controls on PC

Using them, the graphics made the game further improves Crysis 2 Some fans have found some commands can be activated from the console that allow you to change the graphics settings and gameplay of the game. To use them would be enough to activate the console (press "~" tilde). Among the settings you can change, some 47 in total, there are the visual field and motion blur.

Some players have pointed out that the presence of these settings, which further enhance the graphics performance of Crysis on PC 2, clash with some statements by Crytek, which has noted several times on multiple platforms such as the development has affected the PC version. Why, then, to hide these options? Most malignant pointed out that, probably, the PC version has been weakened so as not to disfigure the Xbox 360 and PS3, which otherwise would have seemed vastly worse.

Hudson remove three projects 3DS

The Japanese software house Hudson has announced the cancellation of three of its projects 3DS. As published by the Japanese magazine Famitsu, the new Bomberman, Bonk and Omega Five will never see the light of the shelves. There was no official explanation given but it is virtually certain that the decision is a consequence of the recent absorption of the global company by Konami, which has also closed the American branch.

Quantic Dream stays with Sony

Says David Cage ... Quantic Dream will be anchored to a development studio Sony, with the same exclusive relationship that has so far led to the success of a title like Heavy Rain. This is the thought expressed by David Cage, the highest representative of the software house, which he specified as Sony (and PlayStation 3) represents the past, present and future of the French development studio.

FEAR 3 has (finally) a date

The long-awaited third installment of FEAR will be released in Europe on May 27 in the PC version, PS3 and Xbox 360. Warner Bros. said that the postponement of the game (the exit was due in March) is served to the team "to give our fans the best product possible." Compared to previous episodes, FEAR 3 adds an unusual co-op mode that allows two players to simultaneously play as the two sons of the terrifying Alma and Paxton Fettel Point Man.

Arcania - Fall of Setarrif postponed indefinitely

JoWood hampering the expansion of Gothic 4 Stefan Berger, Business Development Manager, JoWood, said that the launch of the announced expansion to Gothic 4, Arcania - Fall of Setarrif, has been postponed indefinitely because of legal problems . The risk at this point, given the problems of the company in danger of bankruptcy, is that Fall of Setarrif never see the light.

Prepared two patches for Homefront

A critical update for the Xbox 360 version will be released by THQ Homefront "within a couple of days." The patch, which should correct the serious corruption problem profiles and some game stalls experienced by many users, is now awaiting approval at Microsoft. "We also worked to fix some of the multiplayer connection problems, which did not take into account the ping of the players on the server and send them too far," said a company representative.

Capcom is working on a new adventure for 3DS

Very little is known of the project Nazo Waku Yakata is the Japanese title of a project born from the minds of Capcom's Minoru Nakai, director of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, and Yukinori Kitajama, scenario writer of the recent Okamiden. Very little is known of the game: you point and click adventure set in a villa mysterious and disturbing, the player can move around the environments using 3DS of the gyroscopes and may interact with items using the touch screen, and finally, the player can talk with the other characters through the microphone of the console.

Capture video soon on Steam

Soon it will be on Steam implementatat a feature that allow you to capture video. According to the Steam forums, Valve would also thinking about a version for Android devices IOS and its digital distribution service. Furthermore, "early" Tool Source filmmaker, used by Valve to make movies and Team Fortress 2 will be available to all.

As reported in the news section of Steam, finally, the audio codec Skype, SILK, are currently used by the service valve.

GTA V: Rockstar New Domain Registration

Who knows what you hide behind pregnantandalone. com? Rockstar has registered some new domains, which is rumored to be integrated with Grand Theft Auto V. Some names are fairly self-explanatory on what they should be content, unless Boobstop is not what we think, but the new name of a chain of video game retailers (it's hard to write some news and stay there, trust me).

Many analysts give almost for granted that the next E3 will show something more substantial on the game. However, for now we must content ourselves with some noise. babehardcore. com baitman. com bicyclecommuter. com boobstop. com californiahomesbyowner. com carolinabrokers. com cookinganything.

A new study from the ashes of Bizarre

Some former members of Bizarre Creations have given rise to a new study. Hogrocket was founded by Peter Collier (senior level designer Blood Stone / The Club), Stephen Cakebread (creator of Geometry Wars) and Ben Ward (community manager at Bizarre). The new study will develop software for the iPhone / iPad, PC and Mac, Ward said in a press release.

"We are already working on our first game, although we have yet to announce." Activision Bizarre Creations closed last month, the disappointing results of fatal arcade racing game Blur. Hogrocket is the second study was born from the ashes of Bizarre, the first, Lucid Games, was founded by Pete Wallace.

Defiance is the sci-fi MMO Trion Worlds

In collaboration with Syfy Some 'time ago Trion Worlds announced to be working on a new sci-fi MMO with a draft of which has not yet been released many details. Today we at least know the title and the period of output expected. The MMO in question, developed in collaboration with the American Syfy channel specializing in science fiction programming for the American cable TV, titled Defiance.

Dead Island Trailer "no tricks"

According to publisher Deep Silver, the trailer for the game developed by Techland, Dead Island, represents the quality of the final product. "It gives the feeling of the world in which we move," said a source on Videogame producer of Deep Silver, Sebastian Reichert. "We opted for a realistic approach.

I do not mean sad, but in this game are terrible things, and we do not want all this to be funny.'s Comments are too long and some characters are funny because they stress their reaction to a situation of stress. The atmosphere of the trailer is in the game. " Some trailer for Dead Island, produced by the company Axis, suggests some similarities with Heavy Rain.

The votes of Famitsu

Convince BlazBlue Continuum Shift II This week Famitsu, the leading Japanese magazine dedicated to video games, has reviewed four titles for 3DS. It seems that the best of the four, Pro Baseball Famista, is also one of those unlikely we will see in Europe (baseball fans here can be counted on the fingers of one hand).

Please note that the votes are cast on a decimal and that every title will be voted on by the four editors. The sum represents the opinions of the overall assessment of the game. 3DS: Virus Shooter XX: 7, 7, 7, 5 3DS: BlazBlue Continuum Shift II: 8, 8, 7, 7 3DS: Famista Pro Baseball 2011: 8, 8, 7, 8 3DS: Naruto Shippuuden Shinobi Rittai Emaki!: 7, 7, 7, 6 PS3: Mamoru-kun wa Nowareteshimatta: 7, 8, 7, 8 PSP BlazBlue Continuum Shift II: 8, 8, 7, 7 PSP Oneechanbara Special: 7, 7, 7, 5

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is updated

Capcom has reduced Sentinel, one of the most controversial characters of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. According to the website Shoryuken, energy Sentinel has grown from 905,000 to 1.3 million points. The change is part of a minor patch published by Capcom in the past few hours to prepare the launch of the fighting in Event Mode, a special set of challenges available in the coming days.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is available since February on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Crysis 2 in Superdirective today!

[Updated] We live now! Click here to follow us in real time and interact with us. Continue Superdirective Multiplayer. it, from our studies of Terni. In today's episode show Crysis 2 for Xbox 360 and will answer all questions from users! Connect at 17 Wednesday, March 23 to this page, to interact with us.

The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

Postponed the Splinter Cell Trilogy

The U.S. launch of the Splinter Cell Trilogy was postponed, as reported by IGN. Online retailers reported Italian launch dates for the different collection in high definition for the PlayStation 3 games in the series published for PlayStation 2 Splinter Cell Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

In the past few hours, Ubisoft Videogame Source told that the game will be available "in the first half of 2011." Similarly the collection HD Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy will include support to stereoscopic 3D.

3DS: Bomberman, Bonk and Omega Five canceled

Hudson cut three new titles for Nintendo Despite the sales success of 3DS, Hudson has announced that it cleared three titles for Nintendo's new console: Bomberman, Bonk and Omega Five. The news appeared in the latest issue of Famitsu, where he also spoke to other likely cutbacks. It is unclear whether they are due to the recent acquisition of the company by Konami, but it is certain that we are sorry for the cancellation of three promising titles.

New domains for Grand Theft Auto V?

On the Web emerged apparentemenet 100 new web domains that are related to Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto V. A member of the forum of GTA, using Whois production increased to a range of IP addresses of Rockstar. The publisher had used a similar number of websites to announce Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar has already been linked to a series of URLs.

Grand Theft Auto IV was released in 2008. Several analysts had expected the announcement of the fifth chapter already at E3 last year, but this did not happen. Can reveal that Rockstar GTA V in June at E3 a few weeks after the launch of LA Noire, Rockstar title you probably do not want to remove visibility at this time.

Updated - Date official F.3.AR

End of May ... UPDATE: Warner has issued a news release stating that the European version of the title - which also includes Italy and then - also will debut on May 27. Warner has confirmed its official debut in F3. A. R, the last chapter of the series in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

The title will come then in UK territory from next May 27, obviously it is signed, the team's Day 1 Studios. Source: VG247

Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica in HD

Capcom would remake already working on high-definition games and Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil Code: Veronica. According to reports from Japan's Famitsu magazine, Capcom is working on Biohazard: Revival Selection, collection for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 of two classic series Resident Evil originally released on GameCube and Dreamcast.

Resident Evil 4 will include the extra known as Separate Ways. According Andriasang in the West could lead the collection with the title Resident Evil Revival Selection HD Remastered Version.

Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition - Images

No to "zombie children" in Dead Island

The producer of Deep Silver, Sebastian Reichert, defended the trailer for Dead Island, has been accused by the presence of scenes of violence involving children. "I feel sorry for those who do not see that in the trailer are 25 other people died," he says. "They go around and try to bite you, but death." "In general, killing is a taboo.

In a game of zombies you have to accept that the killing, otherwise the experience does not work. We use a child in the trailer, but it is not exploitation." However, if a trailer you can include a zombie baby in the final game will be much more difficult to insert a character like this: "There were rights problems and the ESRB.

3DS spotted by Mediaworld

Metal Gear Solid 5 at E3?

According to rumors reported by the magazine PSM3 PS3 Center, Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid 5 could announce during E3. "Kojima is preparing to make important announcements at E3: one is a logical step for an existing game and the other ... well, you'll be surprised if Kojima not to bring Metal Gear Solid 5.

The last game of the series, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, was released exclusively PlayStation 3 in 2008. The next year should make his debut but the spin-off for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Metal Gear Solid: Rising. One of the projects could relate to announce Next Generation Portable.

Appears out of nowhere America 2049 - Trailer Ad

The third American Civil War? America is out of nowhere in 2049 and is ready for release in April. The trailer, starring some famous actors in American series, speaks of freedom denied, oppression, terrorism and rebellion. The U.S. government apparently has become a regime but the population is exhausted and is ready to rise.

The title is also supported by a viral campaign that reveals some details about the context of the game. It runs the web site of the terroristca Divided We Fall, but the Conservatives have obviously an organization supported by an information portal that bends to the will of the government.

Increasingly popular downloadable games on consoles

In 2010, the percentage of Xbox 360 owners who bought at least one downloadable game this year has increased from 43% in 2009 to 55%. As reported by GamesIndustry. biz, research by EEDAR also shows that the percentage drops to 50% for users PlayStation 3 (42% in 2009) and 42% for Wii users (37% in 2009).

According to the study, the average price of downloadable games on the three console is $ 10 for an average profit of $ 7. In the retail model instead of the games cost an average $ 48 for a gross profit of $ 22 for each game sold. During 2010, the average price for downloadable games has increased, and this especially on the Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade titles which rose from an average of $ 8 in 2006 to $ 11 for one product.

Deep Silver defends the presence of the girl in the video for Dead Island

E 'is unrealistic to speak again to the controversial video presentation of Dead Island: After the reflections on the presence of Valve's zombie-girl, the protagonist of a scene "unpleasant enough to make it difficult to watch," comes the reply of Deep Silver. The producer Sebastian Reichert obviously defending their choices, according to the man Deep Silver present the child is simply unrealistic in such a context.

PC requirements revealed OF: Red River

Codemasters has announced the minimum requirements of the PC version of the tactical shooter Operation Flashpoint: Red River. As reported by Video Games Source. cz, in order to run the game it will be necessary to have a PC with these specifications: Operation Flashpoint: Red River will be available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from 21 April.

Steam - The recording of the video is coming?

Steam continues the process of maturation Apparently the well-known person in the community of Team Fortress 2 behind the nick Political Gamer had the chance to meet Gabe Newell during a visit to Valve's offices. Once back home you reported on steam that can capture video with steam coming "very soon".

This is obviously a rumor. Of a voice. But there is no reason to doubt it. On the other hand proceeds briskly evolution of the network that Valve has already implemented a tool for the screenshots, then introduced Steam Guard, yesterday has integrated a new codec for voice chat and is now preparing to give us the ability to create video our gaming prowess.

Crysis 2 is updated to PC

Crytek has released a patch for the PC version of Crysis 2. The details of the update were released on the official website of the game. As pointed out by Big Download, when the PC version does not yet support DirectX 11. Crysis 2 will be available in Europe in a few days in sizes PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Madden NFL 12 - Trailer

New DLC for Super Stardust HD

Sony has announced a new DLC for the PlayStation 3 downloadable game, Super Stardust HD. According to the PlayStation Blog, the packet mode Impact will be available from March 30 and will cost € 1.99. Mode Impact overturns the rules of the game: instead of the weapons system, your ship will be equipped with a new experimental technology based on turbo-powered.

Once activated the turbo, you'll be in that mode as long as you continue to hit asteroids and enemies, "says CEO Housemarque, Ilari Kuittinen." This mode also provides multiplier even higher: As you use the turbo, in fact, the your points will increase more and more! This add-on as fast and furious ever for this game! "

No subscription to the MMO Torchlight

WoW takes all Max Schafer, Runic boss said you will not need a subscription to play MMO's Torchlight. "I do not think there are many more who can afford a subscription-based model because it more or less all those who are willing to pay the tickets are already for World of Warcraft." Shafer's words do not leave, however, suggest a model free to Guild Wars but an alternative model of payment.

Final Fantasy XI and XIV online soon

The server of the MMO Final Fantasy XI and XIV will be back online in a few days after the suspension of activity announced by Square Enix a few days ago following the earthquake that hit Japan in recent days. According to the official website for Final Fantasy XIV, the servers come back online as of March 25.

"Please consider that we see ourselves forced to suspend services again if the situation in terms of energy were to deteriorate," reads the website of the game. The month of April will be free for players of Final Fantasy XI, also lets you know the publisher.