Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anonymous attacks Apple

Now it's total war system. The hacker group Anonymous (now so that is no longer anonymous) has attacked Apple, stealing names, logins and passwords for 27 users. The attack came on a server used by the Cupertino company for technical support. The group has also made it known that this is just a taste of the massive attack that Apple will suffer "in the near future." During the day yesterday, three members suspected of belonging to Anonymous (including a minor) were arrested in Italy.

World Civilization opens its doors

World Civilization, version "social" of the popular game of Sid Meier, will enter in these days in public beta. To test it you have to do is go on Facebook: it is not required invitations. We are currently having some problems to access the game, probably because of the large number of users who have had our own idea.

In World Civ you collaborate with your friends to become the undisputed masters of the world, unless you come at the climax betrayed by your allies. "Every game will have an end World Civ well-defined," said Sid Meier, "which ends with the triumph of civilization and its ruler, who is acclaimed as one of the best players in the world." "Along the way, through the ages, you will have the chance to win the challenges in a given period.

Ubisoft feels "limited" by the current console

Particularly with regard to the AI Ubisoft continues to profess the upcoming arrival of a next gen for consoles, coming to be called "extremely limited" the offer current hardware. Or rather, are the "development opportunities" to be limited by Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as Yves Jacquier, Ubisoft's executive director of production services at Ubisoft Montreal, with $ 1 million to invest in research of new methodologies and tools development planned by the company could do a lot more on a newer hardware.

MS wants to sell more Kinect in Japan

After a disappointing start, Microsoft hopes to increase sales in Japan by offering Kinect titles more suited to Japanese public. The Japanese general manager for the Xbox 360, Takashi Sensui has now admitted in a press conference (spread by Andriasang) that the motion controller from Microsoft, despite more than 10 million copies distributed by November 2010 throughout the world, has respected sales forecasts for the market in Japan.

An iPad 2 "plus" is coming this year?

So says an analyst Craig Berger According to the analyst of FBR Capital Markets, Apple might have in mind was the first major upgrade to the new version of the iPad. Just 6 months after the launch of iPad 2, according to Berger, Apple could be ready for a "2 plus iPad", which would, according to analyst estimates, a slightly revised iPad 2 but not so different from represent a truly new model.

The EA Summer Showcase

Tomorrow at 22.00 (Italian) Electronic Arts Summer Showcase will broadcast its annual stream. The event will be shown on NHL 12, NCAA Football, The Sims and the trailer for the new MMORPG from Funcom weblog, Secret World. There will be other titles now well established in the neurons of the fans as the highly anticipated Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Need For Speed: The Run and SSX.

Nintendo Wii U talk of online

Nintendo will welcome with pleasure the personal networks of the various publishers for online play on Wii U. Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America boss, told Forbes that the Wii will offer U a "system much more flexible" than that used by the company of Super Mario so far. "We've seen what our competitors have made and are aware of the need to better exploit online.

We started with the launch dell'eshop for 3DS and will continue to develop our online facility," said Reggie. "With the Wii will make a U step further, creating a much more flexible system able to ensure the best possible approach to independent developers who choose to participate." When Xbox Live is a very closed environment, which forces developers to use Microsoft systems and infrastructure for online gaming.

Available cloud storage fo Xbox 360

Microsoft has kept its promises and made available today on Cloud Storage for Xbox 360 on the profiles and save games. "With cloud storage will be easier access to Xbox Live with their account from any console, thus having available a personal profile and rescues," said the boss of the Live, Marc Whitten.

"No matter where you are, if you have an Xbox 360 you can access with your personal data as if you were in your living room." The service also includes the availability of Microsoft Points, Goals, and the friends list, but for now its use is limited to some Xbox Live Arcade games.

New details on Batman: Arkham City

Batman, his enemies and the world with which we will interact in a lengthy interview with Gamasutra, the marketing manager of Rocksteady, Dax Ginns, spoke about how the team plays the character of Batman, not only from the point of view of the aesthetic and physical abilities, but also in its psychological aspects.

According to Ginns there are elements that can not be ignored or changed, because they make what is Batman. You can still move around these poles to go over and look inside the character as an adult traumatized by a childhood very difficult, which is still to face his own demons. And speaking of demons to face, for Rocksteady is essential that Batman is a fighter virtually invincible, able to return to the idea of player they could get away in any situation, against any opponent.

New trailer for Dragon's Dogma

Are you ready to fight the dragons? Capcom has released a new, stunning trailer for Dragon's Dogma, the highly anticipated action RPG created by the creators of Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 4. Characterized by a third-person view and a combat system that will engage the enemy in a team of four warriors, Dragon's Dogma promises a world of incredibly large and very respectable numbers (something like hundreds of characters not NPC).

New rumors about the iPhone 5

Apparently the release of the iPhone could be scheduled for 5 September, at least according to recent rumors that run on the Internet. Some sources of components between suppliers would have revealed to DigiTimes that a company in Taiwan manufacturer of notebooks, Pegatron Technology, have made an order of 15 million iPhones 5s (iPhone 4S) from Apple, with delivery scheduled for September.

Apparently, according to what is reported by sources, the iPhone 5 "does not appear to have major update to the iPhone than 4". This report is in line with DigiTimes that made last month by Bloomberg, where he talked about an iPhone very close five of its predecessor and scheduled for September.

New NiGHTS coming?

At 15 years since the first installment of the series, Yuji Naka returns to talk about NiGHTS and does not exclude that in the future to get a new episode. "The world that I had initially thought for the series is wide, with chapters out so far we are very far from having explored all" "We have several ideas in the drawer and can not be ruled out that sooner or later come out." What the fans are quiet, please.

Crystal Dynamics on a new project

Crystal Dynamics has announced it is working on a new IP address, which however does not reveal anything until the end of the work on the project currently in progress. The study, however, is leaving many clues that would suggest a product very similar to Tomb Raider, as pointed out by Darrell Gallagher.

"We started working on a new IP and we are in the early stages of development," Gallagher has confirmed during the podcast of Crystal Habit. "Our intention is to bring together the technology developed for Tomb Raider and all we have learned over the past six years to use it in something new." Gallagher added that the desire of the study is to further improve the skills acquired in the games action and adventure through a strong storyline and a world extremely rich for the players.

In 2011 the video game industry will count 74 billion dollars

The video game industry just can not be taken seriously when it comes to content, but in economic terms is a whole other ballgame. According to a report by Gartner Inc, our favorite pastime this year will reach the value of 74 billion dollars, while in 2015 should reach $ 115 billion. The expansion will be greater due in large part to the mobile gaming, thanks to the people who use tablets and smartphones especially to play (the data on the production of these devices are much smaller) to download the application from various stores.

Sony is introducing the PSN Pass?

The news is not yet official, but it seems that Sony is thinking to introduce the so-called PlayStation Network Pass, this September, as witnessed by the three bundles of Resistance that will be marketed in conjunction with the release Insomniac title. On the label it clearly says "Network features only available in developing countries have the PlayStation Store That".

Pokémon arrive on IOS/Android

Nintendo has revealed that want to launch an application dedicated to Pokémon iPhone OS and Android devices. Should be called Pokémon Say Tap? and will be available by the end of summer in Japan. Apparently a card game will mix in a musical. The application will be available for the following "families" of devices: iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPad, S Galaxy, REGZA Phone IS04, Xperia and HTC Arc Air.