Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GC2011 - Release Date for The Secret World

From April 2011 Gamescom 2011 in Cologne the release date finally arrives for The Secret World, Funcom's MMORPG particular that has made to wait for a good number of months. The new game Tornquist, author of The Longest Journey, so come on the market in April 2012. Between secret societies, conspiracies, urban legends, real world and assorted esoteric, we will therefore delve into the secret world especially in April.

EA Announces FIFA Street 4

At its conference, Electronic Arts has officially announced FIFA Street 4, a new chapter in the series from the creators of FIFA. The title, scheduled on PS3 and Xbox 360 in early 2012, will use a style and a lot more simulation gameplay of its predecessors, in an attempt to offer online gaming experience with the atmosphere that distinguishes the real football road.

There will be one-on-one challenges, tournaments vs. 5. 5, an endless dribbling achieved through a complex process of motion capture and much more that EA Sports will reveal in the coming months.

A date for Amalur Reckoning Kingdoms

EA has just announced that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will be available in Europe since February 10, 2012. The title, currently in the hands of the 38 Studios, has enjoyed and is still enjoying the contribution of Todd McFarlane, known for Spawn, the famous author RA Salvatore and Ken Rolston of the now hugely popular.

Waiting to learn more about the product, we leave you with the latest trailer.

GC2011 - Ubisoft Securities for PlayStation Life

Rayman Origins, Assassin's Creed, Lumines, and others during the Gamescom Cologne, Ubisoft has announced its titles in the works for PlayStation Life. Among the names mentioned, stand undoubtedly Rayman Origins, Assassin's Creed (it will be a new episode with a new protagonist, to be released in 2012) and Lumines, but deserve a mention too Asphalt, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance and Michael Jackson: The Experience , some of which are developed by Gameloft.

The Secret World coming in April

GDC Europe - Shadow Complex 2 sacrificed on the altar of the iPhone

The work was about to start during the GDC Europe, the President of Epic, Mike Capps, has revealed why Shadow Complex, despite the success of XBLA, has not been pursued. The reason is hidden in a spiral that has seen the mobile gaming developers working with the iPhone Epic and Infinity Blade. In fact the developer was ready to go to work instead of Shadow Complex 2 has been set aside.

Currently, digital delivery, therefore, the titles are not a priority for Epic, which has chosen to support the gaming console with the PC and mobile. But Capps said still referring to Shadow Complex 2: "Never say never."

What's new in FIFA 12

During the conference, their conference Gamescom, Electronic Arts has announced a series of interesting news related to FIFA 12. First, there is finally a date for the demo, which will be available September 13, and, more importantly, has been announced that the Ultimate Team mode will be included in the game.

No downloadable add-ons then. To make things even more interesting for fans, there will then be able to start using the Ultimate Team from September 20, by accessing the EA Sports Football World. Those who decide to start their career coaches through this system, some packages will receive a free complimentary.

Global price cut for PlayStation 3

GC2011 - Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be a title very "hot"

New images of the burning scenaari The four new shots released by Sony for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time are taken from the demo shown at last E3, with the famous character struggling with some scenarios on fire. In the game we should not only avoid the fire, however: the developers provide some variety among the scenarios, situations, and alternating different colors for fun and experience as multifaceted as possible.

GC2011 - Announced Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

Although a stand-alone title in the title takes on 2 of the second chapter of Infamous, Festival of Blood is not an expansion but a full title digital delivery developed to expand the boundaries of the series. In the Festival of Blood vampires have invaded New Marais and Cole McGrath turned into a bloodsucker.

But in so doing have given enormous powers to our hero that will try to reach the vampire elder to return everything to normal. The partnership between Sony and Sucker Punch seems to have paid off with a boost in the productivity of software companies. We hope that the quality remains the same root of the franchise.

Sony: "Life will have 512MB of RAM PS"

Sony finally has denied rumors of a reduction in the Life of PlayStation memory. The next handheld console has 512MB of RAM. The VRAM is not been reduced and will be 128MB on all models of the console. Sony is working hard for a launch in grand style, which will take place later this year in Japan and in early 2012 in Europe.

The Wii loses backward compatibility and new look

Nintendo has removed the backwards compatibility the Wii. The new console, which has undergone a slight re-design, will be released at Christmas and will not be able to read GameCube games. The price of this "new" console has not been announced, but will be sold bundled with two Wii Party and Wii Sports collection, in addition to a Wiimote and Nunchuk Plus.

The look, apparently the same as the previous year, was now more rounded and is similar to that seen in the Wii at E3 U presented. It seems that the redesign encourages horizontal rather than vertical position.

EA Games about to buy Bright

The team specializes in producing titles for IOS freemium After the acquisition of PopCap Games, Electronic Arts is moving to buy another team that built its fortune on the IOS platform, Bright Games. Specialized in securities freemium, among them Trade iPhone and iPad Nations, the Canadian has already worked for EA in the past, always in mobile computing.

"The model freemium in the field of mobile games is very strong and grows quickly," said Barry Cottle, EA Interactive. "Bright Games will help us to expand our catalog with other titles of this kind."

The new Sony's Gamescom

In the Sony line-up by the conference yesterday afternoon Gamescom stand out some titles that cover the entire range of the company's console. We will see the much anticipated PlayStation Life Resistance: Burning Skies, which will cover some new episode of "holes" narrative of the previous chapters and propose a novel control system based on the use of both touch panels of the console.

Ubisoft has presented the list of titles richer life, in which stand out Rayman Origins, Lumines is an unprecedented new chapter in Assassin's Creed but do not yet have a title. Very interesting Escape Plan, a friendly platformer / puzzle game for PSV presented with a striking black and white trailer that has tickled the palates of those present at the conference.

Ninja Gaiden 3 will support Move

Tecmo Koei has announced that the PlayStation 3 version of Ninja Gaiden 3 will support the control by Move. As the Team Ninja is implementing the device with motion sensor is still to be seen because of course the developers have carefully refrained from describing its characteristics. We hope to learn something more before the release, scheduled for the first quarter of 2012.

Perhaps the appointment will be right with the Tokyo Game Show in September.

GC2011 - Escape Plan announced for PS Life

A strange pairing Among the novelties presented by Sony PlayStation Life during his lecture at Gamescom 2011 there was also an interesting Escape Plan, developed by an internal team. It is a sort of puzzle game with platforming elements characterized by a distinctive art style reminds me 'Nightmare Before Christmas, or similar products, in which we are trying to control two characters bring to the exit levels.

GC2011 - Sony launches 3D TV PlayStation in Europe

Just to play from the conference that Sony's Gamescom 2011 in Cologne, the announcement also comes on the upcoming arrival of 3D TV "signed" PlayStation. This is a 24-inch screen with 3D technology already presented at E3 and officially arriving on the European market for 499 euros, including two 3-D glasses.

The launch is expected this fall, and obviously looks like the best solution, also because of the price, for the enjoyment of video games and Blu-ray high-definition 3D.