Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The new Sony's Gamescom

In the Sony line-up by the conference yesterday afternoon Gamescom stand out some titles that cover the entire range of the company's console. We will see the much anticipated PlayStation Life Resistance: Burning Skies, which will cover some new episode of "holes" narrative of the previous chapters and propose a novel control system based on the use of both touch panels of the console.

Ubisoft has presented the list of titles richer life, in which stand out Rayman Origins, Lumines is an unprecedented new chapter in Assassin's Creed but do not yet have a title. Very interesting Escape Plan, a friendly platformer / puzzle game for PSV presented with a striking black and white trailer that has tickled the palates of those present at the conference.

For those who prefer to contact PlayStation Move move better, and in particular to Move Fitness. It will be released this year and will propose various disciplines that will once again test our strength and endurance, from boxing to basketball, going to the fights with blows of samurai swords.

Closes the parade of a surprising new entry, new inFamous for PSN, subtitled Festival of Blood, which will see the protagonist as an unpublished version of Cole vampire. Again the details are virtually nil, but the output is close.

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