Sunday, March 20, 2011

Darksiders discount on Steam

75% less than the deal this weekend on Steam Darksiders has brought a substantial discount of 75% over the original price. The pseudo-mythological action game Vigil, published by THQ, it can then be downloaded onto Valve's digital delivery of course in the PC version, which costs € 7.50, until Monday.

Prey 2 Details: inspired Mirror's Edge

Parkour GameReactor aliens come from some new details about Prey 2, a new chapter in the FPS series of recently announced and in working with Human Head. The protagonist of the new chapter is the scriffo Killian Samuels and the story starts in the same way they began the first chapter, only experienced in terms of Killian.

Prey 2 will not support 3D or devices in recognition engines such as Move and Kinect also not be attending the multiplayer. The development team has in fact opted for total concentration on a single story, rather than embark on a minor mode that would probably be of less interest than other competing games.

Date and price of Red Faction: Battlegrounds

On April 5 from Sony on PSN, we learn the date and price for the American market and the NDP in particular, Red Faction: Battlegrounds, the spin-off of the shooter for THQ to digital delivery. The game will, therefore, the online service for PlayStation 3, and probably also on Xbox Live Arcade, April 5, at a cost of $ 9.99, thus about 800 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360.

PlayStation Plus service subscribers can download the game for free, but you must register by March 25. The game, tied Red Faction practically only in the universe, is a sort of arcade racing game based on combat and the race between armored vehicles and tanks.

Comics coming to Crysis 2 and Dungeon Siege 3

Viodeogiochi paper extends to other large-bore two titles to transpose the recent trend of comic book video games. This time it's Crysis Dungeon Siege 2 and 3, of which the comic book will be published respectively by IDW and Dark Horse Comics. Crysis will be an adaptation in six episodes written by Richard K.

Morgan (same author of the history of the game) and designed by Peter Bergting and history will explain the events of transition from first to second installment of this series. As far as Dungeon Siege, the program is the digital distribution of comics written by Jeremy Barlow and illustrated by various artists such as Iban Coello and Sergio Abad, three tales set in the reign of EHB.

Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed - The video of a professional

Tommy Milner is measured by Shift 2 Electronic Arts has put the professional rider Tommy Milner at the wheel of a Corvette C6. R GT1 to show the goodness of the guidance system of Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed. It is not the first time that such a thing happens in a market that sees some evidence of leadership sometimes used as tools of training pilots.

Predictably Milner, who won the 24 Hours of Dubai, has achieved outstanding results at full speed, defying the track at Laguna Seca. Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed - Tommy Milner driving

The multiplayer in Duke Nukem Forever

The customization of skill! Duke4net revealed some details about the multiplayer modes that will be classic, but like the first will be quite imaginative in terms of arsenal. The types of game 4 and will accommodate up to eight players divided into two teams. Among the procedures are Dukematch (deathmatch), Team Dukematch (Team Deathmatch) and Hail to the King (King of the Hill), along with a special version of Capture the Flag Capture the call Babe.

The Art Director of Gun Loco says it canceled

The project was stopped in February Yuki Kawawa, the Art Director of Gun Loco said on his Twitter news of the closure of the project by Square-Enix. Kawawa has revealed that he went away from Square-Enix at the end of February and wants to implement a project to cultivate the same spirit of entertainment put on Gun Loco, which he thinks could be a good title.

Source: Andriasang

Rankings giapponei Media Create March 7 to 13

The cold numbers is strange to talk of Japanese sales charts with what's happening in the land, but somehow one has to take account of this life and how to proceed regardless of catastrophes or disasters. So here we are talking about cold numbers, which are the mirror of a market for the arrival of 3DS fibrillation, able to conquer most of the positions, even with its top-quality securities.