Saturday, May 28, 2011

PSN is back online in Japan

By e-Kaz Hirai, Sony has officially announced his return to activities of the Japanese section of the PlayStation Network, including reactivation of NDP and Qriocity Services. Reactivated with the Japanese industry also Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand as part of the Asian bloc of Sony directly connected with the sector "at home".

Kaz Hirai announced the event with an official statement, during which he publicly apologized to users. The security systems have also been increased with the establishment of a Chief Information Security Officer as a reference on the security of online data. I re-enabled services are officially back in business almost as well in our country (except accommodation last minute), with the story still inactive.

HTC: Bootloader confirmed on new smartphones

HTC finally surrenders to the will of the people, the Taiwan home after an attempt to strength with the implementation of an operating system more complex to change, it was arressa the overwhelming power of geeks and future releases will provide the smartphone with a bootloader for easy change. This will make the new HTC much more customizable than any other smartphone in circulation, with the possibility to change any settings or other graphics, developing a movement of custom OS that could truly gigantic proportions, comparable to phenomena such as ringtones, themes and screensever Customizable, become easy to create and distribute.

Hitman: Absolution will be easier predecessors

Agent 47 is also worried about having too frustrated with the Hitman series, among its many features, has always had that high difficulty. Some will remember the first episode because it was complicated, with some passages from blasphemy to burst, but the three subsequent chapters, as more affordable, do not spare the challenge levels unlikely.

IO Interactive, the voice of the director Tore Blystad said that Hitman: Absolution will be more accessible and allow a user to take a broader term. The decision was made to try to give the title more chances on the market and thus attract a larger number of potential users. Source: Eurogamer.

BioWare accepts criticism Dragon Age II - three images appear

There is some good in change Mike Laidlaw, lead designer of the two Dragon Age, Bioware has stated that it is aware of the many criticisms to the second chapter of the saga. Elements such as the lack of narrative depth, the recycled levels and fight monsters in waves have been evaluated carefully thinking about the future of the series.

Although it is always commented favorably on Dragon Age II, Laidlaw agrees with much of the criticism and believes that several elements should be placed in the third chapter. But the developer is keen to emphasize, however, that the leap in terms of immersion by the second chapter of the saga is very important.

SSX - A cartoon for video-Elise Riggs

A team of Canadian steel SSX shows the evolution of Elise Riggs back in this installment of the series. Elise is a woman of action in the round that is not afraid to challenge impossible tracks on his snowboard. The format chosen is that though the bubble and packed in a trailer decorated with some animations.

You can find it looking a little downhill. SSX - A cartoon for video-Elise Riggs

Sony will testify before the commission for the U.S. trade

On the second call Tim Schaff, president of Entertainment Network, will be the spokesperson for Sony in front of the trade subcommittee of the U.S. Congress, about the famous problem of hacking that has hit the PlayStation Network in April. Sony had avoided a first reminder but will undergo questioning this witness on what happened to the online service for PlayStation.

"The president was initially rather critical position taken by Sony on the incident but was pleased that the company has finally agreed to testify," said Ken Johnson as a spokesman of the commission, "the lessons from the events that happened to Sony and Epsilon [ company that has recently suffered a similar attack in the U.S.-ed] can be instructive and leads us towards a legislation to better protect online data.

The U.S. military uses the CryEngine 3 to simulate the war

A video game from $ 57 million There is a substantial virtual reality project underway at the U.S. military these days, based on using the CryEngine 3: it is called "dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS)" and should lead to a and accurate representation of the "safe" of various war scenarios for the training of soldiers.

"What we are trying to do is to provide the infantry squads a good level of suspension of disbelief, and CryEngine 3 is the best gaming technology on the market today," said Floyd West, director of strategic programs of Intelligent Decisions, the company was responsible for building the simulator.

Battlefield 3: A Behind the Scenes Video

Karkland and its pwned has published an interesting documentary behind the scenes "on Battlefield 3, with a focus on the special" Back to Karkland "and using the Frostbite engine 2. The lead designer and David Niklas Fegreaus Spinnier, the weapon designer Alan Kertz and creative director Lars Gustavsson then discuss their areas of expertise while showing fragments of the game.

Battlefield 3 is expected this autumn on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and will be present at E3.

Sony VAIO F Series: Price, Output, Technical

Sony launches new VAIO F Series, dedicated to multimedia notebook, unlike the S series that was based on the business sector, we will look at the price and the details of this new laptop that is projected in the top class with a phenomenal performance. Starting, as usual in the reviews, this Sony VAIO has designed the devices that make it really interesting while not coming out of the norm of the other series of the Japanese, to signal the display certainly very large, bright 16.4-inch LED backlit display, which is one of the strengths of this new model, strengthened by a native resolution of 1920 x 1080.

First teaser trailer for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Soon before it disappears! There comes a little 'surprise (and in fact "leaked") the first teaser trailer for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, the second part of the new RTS from Blizzard, intended as a trilogy. This is a small movie from 45 seconds to place it at the end of the campaign Wings of Liberty, which focuses on Terran, and opens the history of this new section dedicated to the Zerg, showing for the first time the logo of the game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Trooper class on video

It is not a knight but has a glittering armor of the soldier Star Wars: The Old Republic Commando and can evolve over Vanguard. The first specialization is linked to the heavy weapons that allow you to make real massacres in seconds. The Vanguard prefer the more accurate weapon but has great defenses among which an explosive charge be used to eliminate the enemies that surround it.

In short, although it has a light saber the Trooper is an excellent resource in any battle. Star Wars: The Old Republic - The specializations of Trooper

Trials 2 million HD share

And the software companies think about the future The long wave of HD Trials that through DLC has placed two million pieces of finishing the Olympus of downloadable titles for XBLA. Obviously the team is very pleased with the result but it is not with our hands. In fact six titles currently in production at the studios of RedLynx has tacked so many development teams to follow the most of every project.

Ecopad: the tablet which is charged alone

The progress inevitably leads to the emergence of new technologies, not only about the power and speed of the machines but also other components as fundamental as the autonomy of the product, was then submitted the project for the Ecopad, let's find out what it trafficking. The Ecopad is a tablet capable of receiving electric charge directly from our use is, every time we use the terminal, writing texts or exerting pressure and physically interacting with the touchscreen, the latter thanks to a new system would be able to develop useful electrical energy to charge the tablet without the need for an electrical outlet, thereby saving natural resources that produce it.

Ranking software in the Nordic countries

Under the noire The sales figures for Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway are very similar to those in England and show LA Noire in the head as happens more and more lately to all new releases of thickness. Again 2 The Witcher can not get on the podium but it is a result of understandable considering that this is a title only available for PC.

LA Noire 01 (Take-Two) 02 Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean (Disney Interactive) 03 Brink (Bethesda) 04 The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings (Namco Bandai) 05 FIFA 11 (EA) 06 Lego Star Wars II: The Clone Wars (Activision) 07 Crysis 2 (EA) 08 Portal 2 (EA) 09 NHL 11 (EA) 10 Mortal Kombat (Warner Bros.

InFAMOUS 2: PS3 reviews, exit

The new inFAMOUS 2 is about to make its appearance on the gaming market, we went to investigate after a great first title this second act of one of the most interesting sagas of recent years, the title will be available exclusively on PS3 from 8 June. Starting from the left vein was interrupted in the first chapter, this second episode of inFAMOUS tell once again the adventures of Cole MacGrath warrior superhuman capabilities acquired during an accident, as explained in Chapter One, and acquired throughout history depending on the direction chosen.

Amazon comes the Mac Game Store

The advances in the Mac gaming market despite the controversy arose between Amazon and Apple on the use of the formula "App Store", the publishing giant has opened a store dedicated to titles for Macs The store is already fully functional and to celebrate the event Amazon has decided to serve several important titles and leave for a few days free Big Kahuna Reef and Airport Mania: First Flight.

Hulk Hogan's Main Event - Mr. America back in the ring with the Kinect

Arm in arm with the legend Panic Button has announced the development of Hulk Hogan's Main Event that by using the kinect will allow us to learn all the combos and the poses of the famous fighter. The title will include nine stages, tag team co-op at 2, the character customization and a recognition system which can detect the dynamic motion of the player.

Well Hulk Machine is still going strong thanks to the series, reality shows and video games and is preparing to transform into digital first-class wrestlers.

Tomb Raider and Soul Calibur V will be shown next week

During the special GameTrailers E3 next Friday we will finally see Soul Calibur V and the new Tomb Raider because they will see them through GameTrailers TV at the special dedicated E3. The trailer will be dedicated to the new Lara in computer graphics and the gameplay we can see that the fighting will come on the market in 2012.

CD Project RED reveal "incredible news" before E3

There is talk of an agreement with a "big" CD Project RED gaming market has a big announcement to make, and it has decided to take advantage of the E3 announcement that will advance with a large caliber. On June 2 in fact, just from Los Angeles, the software company finally unveil its new title on the success of The Witcher 2.

The team also promised other innovations including just hope to see The Witcher 2 in the console version. The event will be broadcast live via Ustream at the bottom that attach to the news. Link: Ustream - CDP Summer Days

Trials HD reaches 2 million

The unique action-stunt-game for Xbox Live Arcade Trials HD has reached the remarkable figure of 2 million copies sold. The developers RedLynx celebrate the event, but I want to clarify that the figure refers to the combined sales of the base game and two expansion packs, and Big Big Thrills. The speech changed little since comunqe Trials HD was a long time, and at this point is confirmed, one of the most successful games of the XBLA platform.