Monday, April 18, 2011

The new title will be called BioWare Project Zulu

The game will be made exclusively for the Xbox Live Arcade, it seems, BioWare is currently working on a new game for Xbox 360, entitled "Project Zulu. To prove the existence of some images from the debug version of the Xbox Live Marketplace, which contain a description of the product. Notes from the description it is clear that the game will not have a multiplayer mode, either cooperative or competitive, and that kind of membership should be the action adventure.

A designer of Diablo III today talks about the RPG

The difference between genders is disappearing in a recent interview, Kevin Martens said the shrinking of the border that separates action titles, and RPGs. The content designer of Diablo III has mentioned Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Skyrim as titles and able to mix the best elements of action and ruolistici.

This trend, according to Martens, had among its tenets Diablo II, thanks to the formula adopted by Blizzard has remained at the top for over 10 years. Obviously best to implement the system for growth in an action title is rather complex, especially if you try to balance the best action.

Sony will close some offices in Japan this summer?

A move to save energy required Sony is considering the possibility of closing some of its offices in Japan because of the shortage of electricity due to the recent earthquake and its disastrous effects on nuclear activity in the area of Fukushima. To save power, the company plans to give their staff two weeks of vacation during the summer months, in accordance with the requirements of the Government aimed at reducing consumption.

16 thousand copies to debut FortressCraft

A clone of the successful developers ProjectorGames team have announced that their independent title for Xbox Live Arcade, FortressCraft, sold to debut (on 8 April) 16 thousand copies, covering 70% of players who had tried through the demo. The game is extremely similar to Minecraft (so as to trigger rumors about an alleged lawsuit, then denied), takes third place in the ranking of best-selling XBLA in the first week of sales, placing second in the English and the first in that Canada.

Mortal Kombat: Sonya, Kitana and Mileena in the flesh

This time in admiring the video image after the casting, they return the models that interpret Sonya, Kitana and Mileena as the stars of a new set of pictures dedicated to Mortal Kombat. In these pictures we can then see the three combatants in their traditional costumes perform in various poses, again giving us the opportunity to observe them carefully weigh the value of fighting.


Sonic officially announced Generations

Generations in comparison? SEGA today announced Sonic Generations, the long-awaited new episode in the saga of Sonic created to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the birth of the character. The game will see players like Sonic and the current version of the 1991, which will live together in a fast-paced adventure on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sonic Generations will be set in three different eras in the saga of Sonic the Hedgehog, will boast a spectacular graphics and HD can be played both in the traditional way, two-dimensional, and with the new three-dimensional approach. "Sonic Generations will be the most fantastic way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Sonic," said David Corless, global brand director of the series.

Casino Games

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The Witcher 2, the video of the conference CD Projekt

For those who missed if it were As you know, Thursday, April 14 developers CD Projekt have held a conference to illustrate the system of protection contained in The Witcher 2. The event, however, has only served to explain the circumstances under which the game will require online authentication. E 'was premiered in fact a long video of gameplay to the delight of fans of Geralt.

In case you missed the streaming of the conference, here are the two parts of the same. Enjoy!

Contribute with your ideas to the development of PES 2012!

A survey gives you the opportunity Halifax and Konami announced today it has opened the second part of the survey addressed the audience on PES 2012, reached at the link below. A series of multiple choice questions allow for an evaluation of various aspects for the 2011, thus highlighting any improvements to be made, and include suggestions for developing the new version of the popular Konami video game football.

New video developer diary for Operation Flashpoint: Red River

The Red River still Codemasters releases new video developer diary video for Operation Flashpoint: Red River, on the eve of its release. The video in question shows sections of the new co-op campaign play, mixed with comments from the developers directly involved in the creation of the project. Operation Flashpoint: Red River is expected to come out April 21 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

PES 2012: Konami needs you!

The gaming-season football is now close to conclusion, and as it was expected Konami is already starting to plan the next. Will PES 2012 to regain the throne of best soccer simulation? The answer, at least for this year, will also depend on you. Through a questionnaire, available at the following link, you will have the opportunity to express your opinion on some of the most important contents of the previous event and underline what you think could be made for the success of PES 2012.

Video and images for Hunted: The Rise of the Demon

Customization is the key word yet on new materials arrive on time Bethesda Hunted: The Demon's Forge, action-RPG developed by inXile. The game features as well as for setting and action-style pure fantasy, even for the possibility of profound change and customization of the gaming experience that enable the creation of dungeons and missions at will.

In video and pictures below you can see some of these options as well as many action scenes (even in split-screen, apparently). E 'scheduled for tomorrow the publication of an extensive hands-on Multiplayer. com.

id Software takes his time

The developers of milestones such as Doom and Quake are famous for their relatively long development time and apparently they are also proud. Rage, due out later this year, will be the next trouble in 2004 when id Software released Doom 3. Seven years between a project and another, when developing a game on average in recent years took about 18 months.

"Our philosophy is to make our games without pressure, taking the appropriate time without haste," said design director Matt Hooper. The development of Rage began nearly three and a half years ago, but some team members began to identify the first case even three years ago. "Rage is a product that actually took longer than expected," he said Hooper.

Capcom: Asura's Wrath will satisfy the desire of God Hand 2

Or at least remember that God Hand was the last game Clover: released in 2006, met with critical praise but failed to succeed commercially, given its special feature, contributing to the decision to close the development team . However, as often happens, the failure and its quality have become a way of worship, so many people in the arrival of a hoped God Hand 2 in recent years.

Although it is not just a response to these desires, hopes that Capcom's Wrath Asura can satisfy the desire for God Hand, relying at least to a similar structure, albeit with very different characterization. The action game with fantasy-mythological setting of CyberConnect2, produced by Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, currently scheduled for 2012 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Fallout for GOTY Edition: New Vegas

Even Fallout: New Vegas will be Game of the Year edition. To reveal it was the popular online retailer Amazon, which has now entered the game only in the PC price list, available for booking. Although the page offers no descriptions is easy to see that this edition will include all the expansions, patches and DLC released so far.

The game, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, was released in stores late last year and Videogame Source has been judged by our David Persians with an excellent 8 / 10.

Alice: Madness Returns includes the first chapter

A welcome return for American McGee has confirmed the presence in the new Alice: Madness Returns, a code to download the original Alice. Apparently, the first chapter was originally released in 2000 will be available not only on PCs but also on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, signifying the first appearance of the game on the console.

It is unclear exactly the operation of this code, it seems this is a voucher that enables the download, then the original edition of Alice appears to be intended for a treatment to get on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, under the circumstances . Other DLC will be available at launch, however, as alternate costumes for the main character can guarantee different abilities.

Unveiled the multiplayer RAGE

The developer of RAGE, id Software has announced that the multiplayer shooter Combat will rally and Legends of the Wasteland. The two types of matches are not amenable to traditional modes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch or capture the flag, tells the creative director Tim Willits, id Software, according to which opted for an innovative multiplayer, built around the peculiarities of the gameplay of RAGE.

Zero Point Software collects $ 125,000 for an indie fan

An indie "Triple A" development team Danish Zero Point Software has organized an initiative that has had an excellent response, it seems, to raise funds for a new indie project. Speaking to GamesIndustry. biz, the producer Kenneth Andersen explained that negotiations with major publishers have stopped as it became clear that the agreement would be too inconvenient and restrictive for them, so another strategy was needed.

Wrath Asura's spiritual successor to God Hand

According to Capcom, the game action Asura's Wrath will leave satisfied that the players expect the sequel to God Hand, title published in 2006 on PlayStation 2 and developed by the defunct Clover Studios. "These players try crazy titles, over the top," said a source on Videogame Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya.

"Asura's Wrath will give them everything, and I am glad of that." Asura's Wrath is an action title developed by CyberConnect2, creators of video games in the series Naruto. The protagonist of the adventure is Asura, a demi-god in search of his daughter. "I wanted to create something new," said Tsuchiya.

Spotted Game of the Year edition for Fallout: New Vegas

A reduced price On the pages of the online retailer Amazon check a special edition of Fallout: New Vegas, in this case a classic "Game of the Year Edition" style in Bethesda. There were no details on the contents of the package or on the release date, but the price is rather low, therefore, appears to be a budget re-release version of the game, with likely additions.

The reported price is 29.99 pounds (down to 20 with a specific promotion) of around EUR 34. The only DLC released so far is "Dead Money" and it is likely that it was inserted in this edition mystery, waiting to see the next additions including the upcoming "Honest Hearts." In the meantime, expect any announcements from Bethesda.

Console graphics for Resident Evil 3DS

According to the producer of Capcom, Masachika Kawata, graphics, Resident Evil: The 3D Mercenaries able to approach the standard of portable games console to those of home thanks to the performance of Engine MT Mobile Framework. "We are proud of what we did," said Kawata Videogame to Source. "We believe the game is impressive, the boundary between handheld games and console titles still is increasingly blurred." "When the team came to the specific knowledge of 3DS he immediately thought of using the MT Framework engine.

Metro 2034 is called "Last Light"?

THQ register some domains that would assume that means that THQ is working on the follow-up of the beautiful but understated Metro 2033 is not news. But it seems to have decided to change its name and not call Metro 2034, but Last Light, as they would assume some domains recently registered by the publisher.

The domains are: 'Metro Last Light', 'Last Light Game' and 'Metro 2033 Last Light'. Not at all suspicious, is not it? However, we can not wait to have some details on the game, is also called 'Metro stops work in progress'. Source: CVG

An indie game funded by fans

The developer of Interstellar Marines, Zero Point Software, has put together $ 125,000 for the development of indie title thanks to the players, as reported by GamesIndustry. The project, defined by a Danish developer "AAA indie", began in 2006, but Zero Point has never been able to reach an agreement with publishers.

"The negotiations have stalled when we realized that we had to sell our IP and that would have granted a large chunk of the gains," says the developer in an interview with GamesIndustry. "We had to find an alternative and we decided to ask people to reserve the game years before its publication.

Duke Nukem Forever in 10 new images

The Duke is coming, but before we see some new images Gearbox announced a new ret ... ahem, no. In fact, he made available some new images of the forthcoming (now twelve) Duke Nukem Forever. It's ten screenshots that show the final version of the game, with some unusual moments than ever before.

Violent games, is again controversy

The British group that defends the rights of players, Gamers' Voice, rose against the British broadcaster Channel 5, guilty of putting a case of murder in connection with the use of violent games in the course of an episode of The Wright Air Stuff. The transmission was related to video games since the murder committed twenty-two Leon Dunkley part of a feud between gangs in London, to strengthen the hypothesis was shown a video of Modern Warfare 2.

SOCOM: Special Forces in Superdirective today!

Continue Superdirective Multiplayer. it, from our studies of Terni. In today's episode will show the beta of SOCOM: Special Forces for PlayStation 3 and answer any questions from users! Connect at 17 Monday, April 18th at this page to interact with us. The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

Ex EA Tiburon founded a new study

As reported by GamesIndustry, about 60 former employees of EA Tiburon have abandoned the study of Electronic Arts to create a new company, Row Sham Bow. According to the Orlando Business Journal, the firm was founded last month by a former manager of EA Tiburon. The name of the founder of the study was not disclosed but is thought to Row Sham Bow will join Ian Cummings, creator of the series Madden NFL, Cummings has in fact recently announced Blog Madden leaving Electronic Arts.

Silent Hill: Downpour - new images

Anonymous, the protest against Sony is a flop

It seems that the jihad organized by the hacker group Anonymous to damage Sony has basically ended with a hole in the water, as shown by Facebook page (via VGChartz), which the so-called Operation Sony "was organized. Anonymous had called for a day of protest against Sony, the hacker plans, consumers would have to protest outside Sony stores and return the company's products Japan.

Sony would have alerted the police but there would be no need for any intervention. According to Anonymous, however, the operation "was a success. Sony has had to close some stores in the UK on Saturday. The battle for consumers' rights goes on. There will be another protest, the movement does not end here." Anonymous's protest against Sony was founded in response to legal action against the Japanese company Geohot hacker, responsible for the violation of the PlayStation 3.

Ten Dollar Project for Socom 4

In an article published on the U.S. PlayStation Blog, Zipper Interactive has announced Socom Pro, a variant of the strategy used anti-known as the Ten Dollar Project. A one-use code will be included in packs of 4 for PlayStation 3 and Socom will unlock Socom Pro, a section according to the developer in the future will be updated constantly with exclusive multiplayer maps, content co-op, special classifications, and so on.

Socom 4 used? Better not, if you want to play online

The code in the box will be usable only once Zipper Interactive, developer of Socom 4, said that the serial code for the multiplayer printed on the back of the book is usable only once. Who buys used Socom 4 would be castrato in his hands a game, with some important features blocked: the playlist, the extra weapons (M-16 and AK-47), extra maps and charts.

Obviously, people who buy the game second hand can buy a pro account by paying $ 14.99 on PSN, which are not few. In short, the battle against the publisher of used continuous and ever tighter deadlines. Source: Edge

Zumba Fitness always at the top in UK

Second week in a row at the top of the UK software charts Zumba Fitness, in the week's debut of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Michael Jackson: The Experience and the Ubisoft game, however, does not go beyond the fifteenth place. Second place for LEGO Star Wars III, third Crysis 2 and the EA Sports games, FIFA 11 and Tiger Woods: The Masters occupy the fourth and fifth.

Homefront sixth, behind which are Pokémon Pokémon Black and White. Completing the top ten software Call of Duty: Black Ops ninth and SHIFT 2: Unleashed tenth.

UK charts: Zumba Fitness still leading

But what the British eat? The success of Zumba Fitness appears to be unstoppable in the UK, where the data must have been mad joy food in recent weeks, otherwise she would explain the success of a similar title in a time full of commercial outputs. However, we come to the table, which refers to the week that ended April 16.


Android Apps a height of 3 billion

Google has announced that the number of applications installed on devices based on Android operating system has exceeded 3 billion. As reported by TechCrunch (via Edge), the company also announced that in the first quarter of 2011 the number of downloads has increased by 50% over the previous quarter.

Every day, according to Google, about 350,000 are activated devices based on Android. On the commercial level, the benefits appear in growth especially in the United States, Europe, Korea and Japan. Last January, Apple announced that it has exceeded 10 billion iOS device applications downloaded from the Store.

After "One Chance" comes "One Single Life"

Experience the ultimate death on the IOS After the success of One Chance, who made headlines more than most triple A titles while being just a browser game, comes another title that can be played only once: One Single Life FreshTone Games for IOS. This is a free application that once dead can no longer play.

The philosophy behind these projects is quite clear: human life is one and when you die you can start over by pressing a single button. With specific rules of One Single Life, we can describe it as a platform where you have to jump between skyscrapers. Every step forward taken a strange feeling because you are well aware that it could be the last.

SSFIV AE on a PC a "just cause"

Capcom has called a "just cause" to publish a PC version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. "I do not want to call it fan service, but in the Ask Capcom Capcom Unity is a discussion of thousands of pages that haunts me every time," said a source Videogame Seth Killian, community manager at Capcom.

"Why not a Super Street Fighter IV on PC? We did not have a real answer, although we have had several internal complications. However, I know that many players use the PC, and I know that on this platform you can do many things. I am pleased to see return to the family PC gamers. " "This is a minority, but the whole world is made up of minorities." "It was a good cause.

The most coveted E3 2011

They begin to release the first list of most wanted games of E3 electronictheatre The English site. co. uk has a lot of fun compiling the list of the ten most wanted forthcoming E3 2011. Some of the games mentioned that we will certainly present, because previously announced (Skyrim type 2 and The Darkness, to make a couple of examples), while others are clearly the desired type Agent, Rockstar title disappeared in limbo for years, or Half-Life 2: Episode Three, which for some years now will return the lists of most wanted of all E3.

Handheld, Android and growing iOS

According to a market survey conducted by the specialist Furry (via Gamers Industry) in 2010 and IOS devices Android tore a large chunk of the U.S. handheld market to the Nintendo DS. In 2010, the devices based on Android operating system IOS and together accounted for 34% of the revenue generated from mobile games in the United States, an increase of 19% over 2009.

Declining share instead of the DS, from 70% in 2009 to 57% in 2010. Increases from 9 to 11% share of the PlayStation Portable. Overall, in 2010, the U.S. mobile market revenues fell by going from $ 2.7 billion in 2009 to $ 2.4 billion in 2010. Overall, the turnover of the software in 2010 amounted to 10.7 billion dollars, the share of Android devices and IOS in this case is 8% (5% in 2009, when the industry's total revenues were equal to 10.4 billion dollars).