Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Minecraft on Xbox 360 is designed for console, says Notch

A different game for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, announced during E3 2011, will not be forced as a port of the PC version in a different environment. As reported by Markus "Notch" Persson, creator of the original game, the version on the Microsoft console will be an adaptation studied in all its parts to function better inside the console.

This will be short of "a new product based on the PC version of Minecraft" but apparently not a simple conversion, Notch said to IGN. "It will be designed to work better on a console and on a typical gaming experience on consoles," such as the crafting will be completely revised because, as reported by Notch, carry the crafting system in this PC to the console would make it as fun as "place names "with the controller.

Jonah Lomu Rugby isready

Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 during the third quarter of 2011. A PlayStation version will come later life. Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge Competition and will include a Career mode developed through experience over several years, accompanied by offline and online multiplayer.

The game will be based on the official license for 93 teams and 31 stages and will offer a variety of leagues including the French Top 14 Celtic and RaboDirect PRO12. Below you can see some images of Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge.

Xevious 3D Classics comes this week

Nintendo has announced that Xevious 3D Classics will be released in Europe on Thursday. The 3D Line Classics by Nintendo for the eShop of 3DS aims to recover from yesterday to readjust to the new console features. After Excite Bike, who officially opened the ball, it's the turn of Xevious, which will arrive in Europe in a couple of days.

Sony plays with Virtual Reality

Sony continues to keep an eye on the Virtual Reality and seems to be also planning to apply to ITS in the future games. Sony Worldwide Studios is indeed testing new technologies with various types of VR games, including first-person shooter. Mick Hocking, senior director of SWS, however, was required to state that "despite the results so far are interesting, we have no concrete plan in the works."

A Nintendo 3DS for Heroes of Ruin

Square Enix has made the first of a Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS, dedicated to the game Heroes of Ruin. On the official website the publisher also offers a contest that is giving away this very special version, and rather rare, the portable Nintendo. To participate simply register on the site and fill out a form.

Square Enix will then draw the coveted.

Kojima talks about the sequel to Snatcher

Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear saga, has questioned the actual validity of a project such as the following Snatcher, suggesting that it should sell more than one million copies in Japan to make sense. In a series of Tweet's legendary game designer has calculated that a new Snatcher sell about 200,000 pieces in Japan.

During the episode of radio drama in which he spoke of the hypothetical Sdatcher result, the ratings have come to touch the contacts 450,000. "Considering that the transmission can be heard on the radio for free," said Kojima, "converting the data of a game we might have reached 200,000 copies sold in Japan." Kojima also noted that the creation of a Snatcher-poly models in 3D and with an open world-style LA Noire would cause serious financial problems if they did not sell at least 500,000 copies in Japan alone.

Anonymous is making its social network

After seeing one of his accounts banned on Google +, Anonymous is preparing to launch its very own online social networks: AnonPlus. Without of course to miss a series of actions against pirate the new service in Mountain View, guilty of unfairly criticized the group's content. "Welcome to the Revolution," reads a note under the now famous mask of Guy Fawkes, which can be found at anonplus.com, "a new social network without fear of censorship or limits forced disconnections. Life is what you make of it, and we're doing now. In the weeks and months to come will know that we are. There will be more oppression. There will be no more tyranny. We are the people and we are Anonymous.

Microsoft at ComicCon 2011

Microsoft also does not miss the San Diego showfloor Able to gather thousands of nerds, geeks, sci-fi fans, video games and comics on Comic Con is becoming an increasingly important event on the multimedia market. No wonder even the massive presence of Microsoft that will bring with him several titles.

The spotlights will naturally be focused on Gears of War 3, the next big for 360, and Star Wars Kinect we hope to see in real time to verify the doubts raised by the E3 presentation. Will also benefit from the Kinect Kinect Sports: Season Two, and Rise of Nightmares, about 2 Dance Central and promising that there will in Gunstringer The role of a skeletal cowboy and grotesque.

Dance Central: get new DLC

A triptych of new DLC is getting ready to land on Xbox 360 Marketplace for Dynamic Dance Central, title Kinect developed by Harmonix. Today in fact, will be made available by Taio Cruz Break Your Heart, Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa and Say Aah by Trey Songz. As per tradition, the songs can be purchased for 240 points each.

A new adventure from one of the creators of Super Meat Boy

The Binding of Isaac shall be called Super Meat Boy was one of the best games released in 2010, while belonging to the category of independent games. So it is with joy that we give the news of the birth of The Binding of Isaac, made by one of two members of the original team. It is a roguelike mixed with Zelda for NES, in which we must fight forty-two different enemies and bosses more than ten.

Sony ready for virtual reality?

The 3D is old? During this year's CES, Sony has introduced a viewer capable of displaying three-dimensional environments, but lack the ability to detect movement of the head and certainly not supported by video games. Well Mick Hocking, senior director of Sony World Wide Studios, has revealed to Develop that the company is conducting tests to use this technology with several projects including a videogame first-person shooter.

Capcom Mega Man clears 3DS

Capcom has announced that it has stopped development of the new chapter of Mega Man for the Nintendo 3DS. Mega Man Legends 3, announced in September last year, has been officially canceled because it "did not reach the required level of quality", the company has announced. Surely this will be motivation, but we doubt that since Keiji Inafune has resigned, the saga has fallen into a deep crisis ...

About the Halo 4 PAX

The announcement of Halo 4 at E3 recently startled the hearts of all fans of Master Chief, but unfortunately Microsoft has not revealed much information about the game. The developers of 343 Industries, however, promise of innovations at PAX, which will be held August 26 to 29, during which will be held a Halofest.

"The event will announce important information about Halo 4 and Halo Anniversary, both for single and for the multiplayer," said Bonnie Ross, boss of the study.

The film Uncharted "reconciles you to the game"

Neil Burger, director of the new movie of Uncharted, he returned to the original game to use as a source of inspiration for their work. The director of The Illusionist and Limitless told Crave Online that the new team is "starting from scratch" for writing the screenplay. "Basically, we're starting from scratch to get back into the game.

Also because there are many fantastic elements in the original game ...", said Neil Burger. "Uncharted is really one of the hottest games and movies with better-developed characters ever. There are a lot of elements that intense, if not work properly, I would like to include in the script." The movie of Uncharted from Burger is definitely closer to that of a game developed by Naughty Dog.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the West in January

Only a month after the Japanese release Final Fantasy XIII-2 will arrive in the West in January but has not yet received notification of the precise day. In any case, the GamesCom in Cologne is now on the horizon and in all probability will give us an exact release date. Final Fantasy XIII-2 promises a more mature and darker story as well as multiple endings and more introspective character.