Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sony ready for virtual reality?

The 3D is old? During this year's CES, Sony has introduced a viewer capable of displaying three-dimensional environments, but lack the ability to detect movement of the head and certainly not supported by video games. Well Mick Hocking, senior director of Sony World Wide Studios, has revealed to Develop that the company is conducting tests to use this technology with several projects including a videogame first-person shooter.

The news, which has been reported by a reader informs us that the development of the viewer proceeds at full speed, and also revealed Hocking, researchers are conducting research to implement the detection of head movements. So we will probably soon see new games are able to immerse ourselves in body and soul of our beloved virtual worlds.

Of course, considering the speed with which it moves the market is very likely that such technologies are reserved for the next generation of consoles. Yet the leader Sony says that the computing power and resolution are sufficient to create immersive experiences in a not too distant future.

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