Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peter Moore returns to talk about Wii U

The COO of EA, Peter Moore, has spoken publicly about the Nintendo Wii U. Speaking to the IndustryGamers, Moore ruled that Nintendo will be a passing car to the next generation, since in his view will not be the quality of the graphics made the shots in the coming years. "People are already talking about the console as if it were a passing car.

Frankly, I do not think that is the case," Moore said. "Here are the reasons: no longer a discussion of specific techniques ... everything will revolve around the fact that the controller will be a unique way to enjoy the experience offered by the console, beyond the graphics. Just like on the Wii." "You saw Battlefield 3, right? How do you think you can grow, visually, after that level?" Moore said.

"In the early days of this industry because everything revolved around the games were visually satisfying, but in just long enough to say that things have changed." The task of Nintendo, Moore said, is to "build the perfect bait focusing on different ways to use the controller."

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