Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Apple is the biggest threat to the console

Word of Dave Perry Dave Perry, developer and founder of the famous gaming Gaikai cloud service, said that the game streaming is not a threat to the gaming console. On the contrary the true enemy of the console is Apple. The company has in fact imposed on the technology market rhythms extreme renewing the hardware every 12 months.

This also allows you to implement every feature requests in a short time while the traditional platform games are renewed every 5-7 years. But if the home console can play the card of the multimedia device, just can not do the laptops that we are faced with a real aggression from the smartphone.

And the multifunctional nature of the latter, according to Perry, it can make serious problems for the traditional handheld. Perry does not seem to consider the prices that are a key element of the success of the console is when they are high, as in the case of the triple AAA games that produce far more revenue with fewer copies sold, and when it is low, such as hardware impairment which has helped to sell cars like the PS2 for over 10 years.

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