Sunday, August 7, 2011

First details on Borderlands 2

Four-player cooperative mode? Were published the first news that emerged from the special Game Informer magazine has the latest issue dedicated to Borderlands 2. The game probably will boast four-player cooperative mode, a hypothesis strengthened by the presence of a four-seater vehicle. The vehicles, in general, are more varied than the first Borderlands.

Borderlands 2, the characters use the Eridium as currency, with the ability to acquire, enhance and customize their weapons in various ways. And speaking of weapons, the arsenal will be completely renovated: it seems we do not find the weapons seen in the past. The Vault Hunter's first episode will be present as non-player characters, while the skill system will not be significantly variable, with the usual three "categories".

The dialogues will be interactive, and similarly the missions will develop dynamically.

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