Sunday, August 7, 2011

EA intends to purchase Mojang?

Riccitiello flew to Stockholm to meet Markus Persson Electronic Arts seems interested in buying Mojang, independent study of the phenomenon Minecraft author. Some time ago there was a meeting in Stockholm between John Riccitiello and Markus Persson, although the remaining two positions are quite far apart.

The impression is that of Persson, CEO of EA was going to propose an acquisition, but which has not made statements to that effect after realizing Mojang is not for sale. "Playing with their titles, make it extraordinary, but actually represent two too far away. They can produce their games, I buy them.

Similarly, we can make our own and they will buy them. Not the property of the games, the will remain with us. But it can play our games like everyone else, "said Persson.

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