Sunday, July 31, 2011

The free-to-play on the Xbox 360 are "inevitable"

According to a developer, games, free-to-Play micro-transaction supported by the Xbox 360 are "inevitable." Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios boss (at work on free-to-play PC and Xbox 360 Tribes: Ascend), said that Microsoft plans would have expected an easing of the rules of Xbox LIVE to follow the dynamics of ' industry.

Develop revealed last month that Microsoft was in contact with the developers to talk about any dynamic free-to-play on Xbox 360. Right now the Xbox 360 version of Tribes: Ascend is blocked waiting for Microsoft schedule a sort of regulations for the management of free-to-play on Xbox Live.

"It is simply to understand the kind of free-to-play model to use and, more specifically, the type of media can have on Xbox or, at this point, even on PlayStation," said Harris. "The ability to patch frequently, to deliver a free-to-play to allow players to experience the product at no charge.

From the conversations carried on with us I can say that both Sony because Microsoft are willing to move strategically this direction, but on both sides there are still some things that need to be adjusted, both in terms of that executive's model from a purely technical point of view. " "Microsoft is aware of where you are moving the market," continued Harris.

"In practice it is inevitable that Microsoft go ahead and, once the foundations have been built, we will be in a better position to think of Tribes: Ascend for Xbox."

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