Monday, August 8, 2011

George Miller is interested in Team Bondi?

McNamara visited the offices where it is produced Happy Feet 2 Team Bondi's reputation suffered a blow following the controversy of some former employees of the team enraged by dictatorial ways and grueling shifts imposed by Brenda McNamara. Following the debate the same Rockstar has cut ties with the software house and this factor has sunk even further the reputation of Team Bondi is likely to be without a publisher.

But McNamara apparently has a fan and a supporter is not any. This is George Miller, the famous entrepreneur and film director of Mad Max, who is fascinated by LA Noire and, according to a source inside the animation studio of Dr. D Miller might be interested in the purchase of Team Bondi.

The rumor stems from a visit to the studios of Miller by the foreman of the software house. A tour that has surprised some of the boys of the staff animation studio Dr. D. The individuals concerned are in fact their former employees, still angry with McNamara, Team Bondi.

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