Thursday, August 18, 2011

A new Wii for Christmas

Let us prepare the revision of the hardware and the loss of backward compatibility with the Wii GC wanted news about U? No, it still touches the Wii. Nintendo has announced that this Christmas will begin selling a new hardware revision of the Wii, sold bundled with Wii Party and Wii Sports. Together we will be at the console the Wii Remote Plus, instead of the standard, and a Nunchuk.

The redesign is meant to keep the console horizontally instead of vertically. This is the first comprehensive review of the Wii hardware since 2006, when the console's launch, despite the years have been released versions of various colors. Among the changes will be the loss of backward compatibility with GameCube games and hardware, or even no longer be able to use the old controller with games that support them, like Mario Kart Wii or Smash Bros.

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