Monday, July 18, 2011

The guide of the cars in Need for Speed: The Run

New details from Electronic Arts As you may recall, during E3 2011 Electronic Arts has unveiled the first five cars featured in the new Need for Speed: The Run: the flaming 800hp Mustang Super Snake, the elegant McLaren MP4-12C, the wonderful BMW M3 GTS, Porsche 993 GT2 and the immortal blemish the Audi R8.

The publisher today revealed new details about the game, especially on driving dynamics. The developers have tried to implement a system as possible "human," making the best size and weight of the car when changing direction. The gameplay will be immediate but not lacking in depth, in the sense that can be enjoyed at different levels based on their experience.

Each car will boast a different feeling and have to drive it for a long time to master. In the case of the Police Interceptor, will be added to this mix the strategy required to avoid being hit by helicopters.

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