Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nintendo 3DS: Street Fighter 4 3D, full review

Nintendo 3DS is already depopulated around the world, in Italy the spread is happening so quickly is thanks to titles such as Street Fighter 4 3D, with a new 3D graphics and characters that made the ubiquitous title must supply a videogame . The gameplay is very intuitive, but Capcom has not studied in detail giving the console style of play fun but too simplistic for experts of the game, especially devoted to the spectacle and the involvement with the game very fast pace compared to securities of the same saga, perhaps the last time they had lost some of its charm to the cumbersome nature of the characters.

Turning to the negative notes or otherwise induced by this first experiment of innovative 3D fighting game on a portable console, Street Fighter 4 brings 3D is not exactly the essence of this is driven by a three-dimensional gameplay not so devoted to detail as in the case of simulations driving or sports games, however, the courage shown by Capcom in anticipating the timing of the output should be rewarded with enough in this area.

Another negative note is the distribution of keys, intuitive but awkward to use, this is not really a failure on the part of developers but is given more by the distribution of keys on the console by Nintendo. Of note, however, a lack of responsiveness to keystrokes to make particular hits and combos, this result is as explained above, the fact that Street Fighter 4 is not really a title suitable for 3D console, at least until it has changed significantly the approach chart and the physics of the characters, adapting to different rhythms and characters much slimmer.

Analyzing a priori this title, the developers could have saved this chapter 3D users, the reason is very simple, being a Street Fighter game developed two dimensions, it is difficult to implement in 3D, creating a conflict of logic that will turn up their noses at many . The three dimensions are found only in sporadic moments, as in the case of Ultra-combo, three-dimensional graph that shows a break that does not justify this new chapter named with the initials 3D.

The game is still captivating and hooked fans of fighting games, unpretentious, for several hours, for the purists of the genre but it has a bitter defeat for those who expect something revolutionary, being a title from the most simplistic gameplay, if not PRO mode. A comprehensive overview of the game can lead to enough as the final grade, but this is the result of a combination of positive factors if you look in a certain context, while in a more objective view could be added safely to the negative notes.

All this assumes a justification, if you think that this title was only an adaptation for Nintendo 3DS, and that future versions will certainly be studied by ensuring a better auto-stereoscopic more massive, or just getting back to nature in a size that made the Fortunately this saga so far.

The vote just does what can not go so far as to 6, this should give pause to both developers, who will roll up their sleeves if they intend to focus concretely on this saga, but must reflect primarily the users who will have to assess well the first purchase disappointment. The advice is to try it first if there is a possibility, not an alternative plan to be disappointed no matter because this is a good title, the other possibility is to wait for future releases as BlazBlue, which promises to be a an essentially more carefully, and with something more than this, as shown on XBox 360negli last two chapters.

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