Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Invisible Hand, the first game that speaks of the solidarity economy

The PC adventure game will be presented to the Far Bologna on 27 and 28 May 27 and May 28 at the festival in Bologna Far Game, mostly at the borders between the video game industry, users and research will be presented The Invisible Hand - The Challenge for world fair, the serious game produced by Games Koala on issues of fair trade and economic solidarity.

The game also will also be presented at the prestigious Games For Change, New York, on 20-22 June. The Invisible Hand - The challenge for a world fair is the first game in Italy to address this issue: 3D game full of action, investigation and twists that talks about human rights, fair trade and critical consumption.

Thirteen different missions in which the hero travels the world, from rich and affluent Western world to the injustices of the South. Besides the game, divided into various missions playable separately or in Story, The Invisible Hand includes many explanatory files and hundreds of quizzes, classroom use as moments of collective or individual checks.

The guidelines of the educational video game have been defined with the collaboration of the University of Bologna - Science Education. But The Invisible Hand is not just a video game downloading it from www. theinvisiblehand. it and make a donation, you decide how to allocate the next development of the game (which is never interrupted!) and the NGOs involved (even choosing which humanitarian project to get your contribution).

Without intermediaries (apart from the inevitable committee Paypal for microtransactions) and knowing where and how the money will be spent for your donation. The game will be available in future in the Mac version, IOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android, with English dubbing.

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