Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mojang wants to do for other titles from indie publishers

The intention seems that Mojang, the development team responsible for Minecraft, has set aside a considerable fortune with that particular independent title that has proved to be a true mass phenomenon in the gaming community. Therefore, the small label appears to be ready for a leap forward in terms of "industrial" as a publisher committed to publishing titles developed by other independent software company.

This is only an idea at the time, says the development director Daniel Kaplan, "the hardest part when you say 'no' to all matters that are being proposed, there are tons of opportunities now, but we have to wait and understand what is the best thing to do. " In short, it is a good time to Mojang and the best thing would be to exploit the capital set aside to expand the business of the team, even turning it into a publishing label itself: "we hope to have something ready for this fall, some title co-publishing, "added Kaplan about this.

Source: GamesIndustry

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