Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Soul Calibur V, the word Hisaharu Tagus

The producer talks about the evolution of the game in the series during the Level Up event held in Dubai, VG247 interviewed Hisaharu Tagus, producer of Soul Calibur V and a member of Team Soul, to steal some exclusive information on new chapter Namco Bandai's fighting game series. There are only two characters that will definitely be a part of the new roster: Siegfried and Patroklus, or the son of Sophitia.

It 'still very likely that Ivy is the game: Namco difficult to give up its forms, beyond any discussion of the measures of bra. And what about the scenarios? "We certainly some new stages, basically because we face a new environment and a new story. There probably will be a return of some of the most popular scenarios seen in the series, but since the events of Soul Calibur V will be held seventeen years after those of the fourth episode, this stage will be adapted and others will be added in line with the new setting, "said Tagus.

What kind of innovations will be introduced in the gameplay? "The combo will air a feature of the game, but it will not be the only element able to determine the fate of a fight. The fighting will become faster in order to adapt to the current standard of three-dimensional fighter. The heart of the gameplay will still be represented by the strategy, carried out by the movements on three axes to dodge the blows of the opponent and our sink.

It will also run quick snapshots to move behind the enemy, for example. We want to make the gameplay more fluid and diverteti, and this will be the main innovation compared to Soul Calibur IV. "After the recent participation of Darth Vader and Yoda will be re-inserted the characters from other franchises?" We would like very much, and I think it's become a hallmark of Soul Calibur.

We want players are surprised once again. "Hisaharu Tagus What do you think of the recent evolution of three-dimensional beat 'em?" We are very pleased that there has been such a thing, because the genre was in sharp decline. Recently there was another boom, thanks to titles such as Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat.

And then, of course, is about the fans, because it is they who have clamored for a renewal of the kind from which will benefit and inspiration Soul Calibur V. "The producer then spent a few words about the evolution of fighting and three-dimensional Soul Calibur in particular. "Soul Calibur is almost unique in respect of the three-dimensional approach to the genre of fighting games, due to the possibility that supplies to move in all directions.

E 'is therefore clear that progress in the series represents a step forward for the entire current and vice versa. The release of Soul Calibur V will be a new step forward for 3D fighting game. "Finally, Tago said that the game will feature online multiplayer, and that the team is working in some way to balance the challenges between players.

Source: VG247 Soul Calibur V - Trailer announcement of "stolen"

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