Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sony PS speaking of online life

Sony has released some information on how online PlayStation Life, called Near, Party, LiveArea and Activity. Near SpotPass is exactly like the Nintendo 3DS. It is "a system of rewards based on the position," said Phil Rogers, manager of Sony Europe. Near offers a gift box of 100KB for each game. The boxes can contain multiple gifts, but they can never exceed the limit of 100KB.

The awards also are associated with the sites visited by users, provided that these are synchronized with the server. Thus, in essence, may be scattered around the world of Near awards, which users will be able to find by simply going around. You may even shed real challenges, if addressed successfully provide a reward.

Party is "perfect for talking about games with friends, chat and play," said Rogers. Like Xbox Live, Party allows the player and three other friends formed a group to spend time together no matter what you are doing with the console. "There is also the cross-game voice chat," confirmed Rogers.

LiveArea and Activity: "The LiveArea is the starting point of your day Life with PlayStation." It includes three modes, Index, and Game Live, which basically directs the player to the various possibilities offered by the console. "Activity is the place where players can discuss their progress," said Rogers.

"The system automatically opens some activities, encouraging people to comment on Facebook-style". Among the possible topics we will cosecome Trophies, rankings and so on.

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