Monday, August 22, 2011

DOOM 4 will run at 30fps in single player and multy 60 in

So there will be no more demons to kill on DOOM 4 hours are not for large out information and have not seen anything yet. Natural, since it has yet to leave RAGE, developed by the same team. John Carmack, speaking to Gamasutra, however, has said that some choices have already been made, such as the single player campaign to run at 30 frames per second and the multiplayer to 60.

The reason the frame rate is half of the single player to have more enemies on screen at once. Obviously, there are also other issues faced by Carmack, especially regarding the quality of the graphics and the perception of the majority of gamers, but the main reason is able to handle a large number of enemies.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Carmack did not clarify whether the limit will also apply to the PC version. But we know that the game programmers are working twelve, eighteen against RAGE, and that, objectively, it is still early for any speculation on.

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