Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amazon: Tablet Quad-Core output in August

Amazon revealed at Mobile World Congress, which will be launched in August to the first tablet of the house with quad-core processor Kal-El, a major innovation for all fans of technology and particularly the world of the tablet, which in two years has evolved with an exponential curve impressive. Amazon aims to be the top of the market is not willing to get off the U.S.

giant half-measures, the goal, as explained in the conference, is to go straight to the summit with the technology products still banned from the market. If the quad-core should definitely come true 3D on Amazon will bring the tablet, as LG has announced a few weeks ago, the first to implement a three-dimensional system on smartphones, which will absolutely happen again in the next few months on the market for tablet.

The fight is a tight but Amazon has some great tricks up their sleeves, the first is the CPU which is estimated to reach about new designers tablet twice the performance, beating the competition far and wide, another note on the performance promise card graphics, which will leverage performance up to 3 times higher than the average tablet top class, bound to a card in advance pensionaento Tegra CPU 2 which is currently implemented on most of the best selling end of this quarter, then the resolution will be brought to 2560 x 1600 pixels, high definition and adaptation of image untried by any manufacturer in a convincing way.

As in all cases, these new tablets have a code name, this time Hollywood has been chosen, stressing the desire to offer a tablet with stunning graphics performance, which will leave behind the rest of the competitors for several months, in anticipation of future releases which in the case of Apple will be by April 2012, a date very far if you think that these new models, Amazon will have a significant performance gap, and then for the next year the stradominio Apple may be at significant risk in the market for tablet.

In multimedia Amazon has anticipated that there will be a twist, one of which concerns the reproduction of audio and video files, which could be completely entrusted to a player that uses the philosophy Cloud, Google rose to prominence in recent months, this would tend to lighten the work of the tablet, making it more efficient and less stressed during use at full capacity.

This system in the cloud should be of interest to music, video / film and ebooks, which will be closely linked to the Appstore developed by Amazon, which is growing and soon will be complete in all areas, obviously to coincide with the launch of the tablet. It is possible that Amazon is facing in this case a gradual inclusion in the technology market, most likely if success were to be found, we will surely appreciate in the future smartphones and notebooks of the same house.

Path similar to that faced by small steps that Google has entered the market in medium-high and buying up the best smartphone tablet of the moment, and then after about two years to launch the first Chromebook on the market, which could be used to write the history of the notebook market, with a management system based on the browser, eliminating the hard disk for mass storage, replacing it with dedicated servers for each user, which can store files at will, without taking up space on your laptop.

Amazon Ilprezzo the tablet has not yet been announced, surely can only be raised by presenting a novel technology still on the market, suitable for the 3G version should come to about € 700, rinanendo but in line with other high end manufacturers that offer the same prices, but until the official confirmation of this range are only more or less realistic.

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