Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lionhead Games used like piracy

Waiting to welcome the public to know how the PC version of Fable III, which will review in a few hours on EG. com, Lionhead wanted to tell her about the speech "used games". According to the team led by Peter Molyneux, the securities are bought second hand on Xbox 360 similar to an evil of piracy for the PC market.

"The sale of used games on consoles is similar to the phenomenon of pirated games on PC, but unfortunately exists and we can not do anything," said the combat designer for Fable III, Mike West. "No matter how each of us can work to improve the situation at the end if you intend to buy a used game or download a pirated will always find a way." "The situation is quite depressing, especially for people like us do this work and takes much time and energy in making a game," said West.

"Continuing at this rate we'll reach a point where games will come out less and less and many people lose their jobs because of lost revenue."

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