Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paradox shift, the new Portal?

Let the knowledge of this exciting independent game made UDK Paradox Shift is a self-employed basis rather than the original built by a group of students at the University of Southern California Team. The project is developing for over a year, but now seems to have taken a final shape. S'impugnerà weapon in the game that allow you to send back and forth for some time items.

In this way you can overcome obstacles while traveling at times when they were not present, or you can alter the future by acting in the past. If you prefer, you can also carry some items between the ages. By reading the brief description, many will come to mind Singularity, even if watching the video is easy to see that here the concept of time travel was radicalized, becoming the true focus of the game.

Unfortunately, there has been no release date yet announced, though we hope that Paradox Shift's a fate similar to that affected other related projects such as The Ball or Sanctum, which is the major digital distribution channels such as Steam. Source: Official Website of Indie Games Paradox Shift: Link

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