Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apple apps: Uffizi Touch, available for iPhone and iPad

Apple has devised another of his from a few hours is available for download a new application for iPhone and iPad Touch called the Uffizi, which manages to combine business with pleasure in the pure style of the house in Cupertino, let's find out what it is. As is easily guessed from the name we talk about art, particularly of the Uffizi museum in Florence, visited every year by thousands of visitors who travel to the Tuscan city to admire the wonderful works that through the centuries to tell the story of Italy and not only providing an exciting and fascinating slice of life.

Apple has therefore decided to also give these emotions to its audience, thanks to the new application, users can directly enjoy on your iPhone or iPad works in the museum, of course not all but most of us are most important, including information and history framework, providing a dual function display and very useful guide to all the fans and not, waiting to see for myself the wonders of the museum will enjoy using Apple products.

The user of the options can create its own path, choosing the various works that interest you and enjoy them later as often as they like without wasting time searching through the various titles. This project also provides an opportunity to be updated every time a new piece is placed inside the tunnel, this will enrich your collection and create an album that contains the most beautiful exhibits in the museum.

It is not excluded that this project will be rescheduled for Italian and other famous museums around Europe, this could dramatically expand the knowledge of the era in media and among fans. Uffizi has a touch screen divided into four categories representing the research methods of the paintings in order to quickly identify your favorite work, the four criteria are Masterpieces, where are all the most famous masterpieces such as Botticelli's Venus, the Medusa by Caravaggio Leonardo's Annunciation.

Second category is that of the available Periods, where you can see all the works belonging to a particular historical period, and other option Rooms, where you can view the pictures included in a particular room of the building, reproducing the actual disposition of the paintings, the last category is called the Artists, where you can admire all the works of a particular artist, chosen from among those currently available.

The price of this application is € 1.59 which are really nothing compared to the potential made available, will be gradually included other works, and certainly, perhaps, as suggested, develop a sync with other major museums expanding collection made available of all the thousands of works that many of us may never see live.

Ultimately we can only praise this Uffizi Touch, both for the objective pursued, that which is to spread the art in the world and make it accessible to those who have no other means to enjoy these works, both for simplicity and professionalism which was treated with the package, which may sound trite, but it is essential to create the contrast between the application and the works.

A design exaggerated and not well adapted to the type of application would most certainly tune leaving less space due to the proposed works, with unnecessary menus too elaborate or too divided display mode, which would have inevitably brought up the price and maybe made the package more difficult to manage and utilize fund, losing that part of the public does not have great experience in advanced graphics settings.

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  1. The exact name of the app is "Uffizi Touch", it let you view more than 1000 works of art of very high resolution! You can appreciate each details, the price is € 4.99 and you can download from
    Enjoy Uffizi Gallery art at the maximum quality!