Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LA Noire PS3, XBox 360, review and release date

Finally it was possible to try the hottest games of the Adventures, LA Noire is passed under the magnifying glass of bloggers who have had the pleasure to try it in preview, because the output is fixed at 20 May. Not knowing where to start in the praise for this new title we start with the characters, all very well managed both in physical appearance, which is strongly rooted in the historical period and in the environment, starting from clothes, up to how to act and interact , a game of high quality can also be seen from these small issues which are outside the gameplay but they can unconsciously bring the player in the wonderful atmosphere of this title.

Adding to the realistic vein of the story is the use of actors in the flesh that are provided to create a very realistic scenes of the prologue, both from the movements and gestures of characters, both for the final time with a tangible expression, which allows free use of words to understand the feelings and thoughts of the characters, just like in the movie, spiced up by a soundtrack by the excellent workmanship.

Rockstar is surpassed in many ways, the first is definitely the gameplay, totally innovative titles of this genre and especially of this caliber, as an already high bill would implement a form of the game more simple and experienced hire, instead developers have raised the bar by offering something new and particularly successful.

The story is based on the usual character developed by Rockstar, that the policeman Cole Phelps, decorated veteran of World War II, which looks to be a good guy character alongside the steady hand, strong principles that led him to the triumph of law over everything. The novice gun will be used without loss of time in several cases of murder in the streets of Los Angeles, who has lived 40 years in the bitter conflict between the war veterans who no longer found a place in society has evolved during the their absence, and who decided to embrace a new mission by enlisting the police, this will be the main theme of the game that characterize the setting and the story from beginning to its conclusion.

The style of play is based on the usual collection of evidence, which in this case it is not strictly geared toward a single piece to add to the puzzle in order to move forward, but it will be added to the many clues in time to build the complete solution of mystery, solving the case in due course, when all the necessary clues have been found.

Our police will be divided between the streets of LA and the police station, where it will be delivered at the beginning of a new case to be investigated, arrived at the crime scene will gather information from witnesses and analyze in detail both the victim's body, almost absolute novelty, both in the surroundings full of clues and evidence is sometimes not seen at first glance summary.

All this makes the title is already a must in the market, this time Rockstar left the shooter as an alternative to devote to a game, developed on a wire fictional than pure action, because our character is in most cases occupied in ' analysis of the case, rather than moments of pure action.

Within the story there will be 21 surveys, well over time, that will make a pleasing rhythm of the game, leaving little room for boredom, instead of developing a sense of satisfaction and growth after the resolution of a case, due to the fact that this puzzles ripen their complexity during the continuation of the game, though not in a very tangible.

The final decision we leave to those who try this title, give an objective that guidizio flush with top grades is inevitable from a technical standpoint, but the taste of different users will be able to crown this title, or bind it to a second role of protagonist without excel .

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