Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Total War in new development

Two months since the release of Total War: Shogun 2, Creative Assembly has announced that work on a new chapter in the series. "We never thought of abandoning this series, in fact, we started working on the next chapter," said the father of the saga, Mike Simpson. The team director added that the development of this new Total War began even before the Shogun 2 was finished.

"The whole team is extremely proud of the results of Shogun 2, which has already passed the 600,000 copies sold and has secured an average rating above 90 on Metacritic. "The first Shogun sold more copies in the three years following the exit in the first launch period, which makes us hope for even greater success." So far there have been seven chapters out of Total War: Shogun, Medieval, Rome, Medieval II, Empire, Napoleon and Shogun 2.

The fact that only Medieval and Shogun have had follow-up suggests that fans prefer historical periods are not too advanced. In which period will take place then the next episode? On this aspect, of course, the Creative Assembly guys still keep your mouth shut, but then maybe something will be revealed at E3 ...

we just have to wait another few days.

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