Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 2011 - The Mysteries of U Wii: You can use multiple controllers?

According to Eguchi I think so many unclear aspects of U Wii, the new Nintendo E3 2011 presented at the conference dedicated to the house in Kyoto. Accomplice certainly still some distance in time between this presentation and the actual arrival on the market, the big N in some cases proved to be a bit 'in ambiguous statements on the matter.

For example, the statement today by a spokesman for Nintendo, according to which it would not be possible to buy the Wii controller separately U has certainly thrown a bit 'of disruption, as well as the idea that initially had prevailed, the impossibility of use more than one of the new special Wii controller with a single U, while it would be prepared only for a new controller and the use of the Wii Remote for additional players.

Doubts partially reassembled later by the words of Katsuya Eguchi, Nintendo EAD designer. Eguchi said that currently there are indeed games designed to work with multiple monitors connected together, so with multiple controllers on a single next-generation console. In addition, he also said that the high price that makes the controller could constitute a major obstacle to the possibility of being frequently in the situation of having two controllers in the new type.

In both cases, you may to have been mere conjecture, or rather free interpretation of findings (such as the price of the controller), but opens up some possibilities for the use of multiple controllers simultaneously on their new purchase separately. Source: Nintendo Life

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