Thursday, June 9, 2011

id Software cautious on the Wii U

id Software is one of the few third party developers that has not welcomed with open arms U Wii console, which has already gained support from leading publishers. "For us, Nintendo's market is tough," said a source Videogame Rage of the creative director Tim Willits. "I'd like to see on the platform to grow a community of fans of FPS, but currently only selling first party titles and licensed games.

I think for us it is better to stay on well-known beaches. Willits also does not appear to be rushed to Microsoft and Nintendo next-gen can be expected. "Stability in the console is a good thing. I'd love to remain if one or two years upon this generation. I know that someone is already working on new platforms but I do not want to know more." The stability, adds Wilolits, allows developers to focus on game design: "We have spent too much focus on the games.

If you lose too much time with technology, then everything becomes more difficult. When you know the limits and potential of the platform but you can focus on fun. "

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