Friday, July 8, 2011

EA Summer Showcase - Presented Burnout Crash

But I was coming from the right! Finally it was shown for what it really was moving so far as rumor, trademark or other: Burnout Crash! EA Summer Showcase was present. This is a chapter with respect to the spin-off series of racing game "noisy" Criterion, developed specifically for digital delivery and fully focused on what was the main mode in the game crashes.

In practice, the aim is to transform intersections and stretches of roads in the twisted metal of hell launched at high speed through traffic, trying to cause as much damage as possible to the whole neighborhood. The Xbox 360 is also provided with support for Kinect motion commands. Specifically, as seen from the pictures, graphics and is the type of frame used, designed to represent the best part of the road by "upsetting".

Coming this autumn on Xbox Live and PSN.

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