Friday, July 8, 2011

EA confirms Burnout Crash

EA has officially announced the development of Burnout Crash!, Game that has been discussed for months and which will be released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this fall. Will be developed by the creators of the series, Criterion's team, after Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and then return to its origins by reviving the popular Burnout Crash mode.

The game will support the Autolog've seen in recent NFS mode that will allow us to figure out who among us and our friends can cause more damage with several crashes and explosions. "Burnout Crash! Is a crazy mix between a fireworks display and a pinball machine." In this way the game was described by creative director Richard Franke.

"The gameplay of Crash mode in Burnout appreciated that all evolved and make the whole gaming experience even more incredible." The game is structured in three modes, with 18 "crash junctions" set in six different locations. The XBLA version will boast an unusual mode designed especially for Kinect, in which the player can use gestures to move around and participate in an intense battle party.

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