Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kingdom Hearts in 3DS

There are about six months that there is no news of Kingdom Hearts for 3DS, but apparently the game would be ready for a good 40/50%. According to Tetsuya Nomura Dream Drop Distance, this will be the subtitle of the game, will have an enigmatic plot that will address the hidden side of Sora. Nomura remains vague on the subject, saying that we will have access to roofs and leaving to go to the bizarre statement that "XXX and XXX in Traverse Town." Speaking of the future of the series, in addition, Nomura has said that Dream Drop Distance will provide some important answers to all those waiting for Kingdom Hearts III.

With respect to any HD versions of old episodes of the series, then the designer at the time revealed that the team would be testing the technology for that type of project, but that is not yet clear whether the operation will be continued or not.

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