Wednesday, July 13, 2011

16 million assault rifles ready to kill with Section 8: Prejudice

The numbers of fun FPS developed by TimeGate The striking Section 8: Prejudice, FPS, developed by TimeGate for digital platforms Steam and Xbox Live, and soon also available on the PlayStation Network, seems to be enjoying some success with its full-bodied online multiplayer modes. In partnership with GameSpy, the game developers have in fact created a "summary" of the numbers achieved so far in multiplayer games, and they are very respectable figures, sixteen million kills with assault rifle, nearly sixty million launch field battle for a total of about 329 billion cubic meters of paths (and 384mila times when the operation is successful, with players who died before touching the ground).

If you do not yet know Section 8: Prejudice, perhaps our review will give you a hand if you understand the title of TimeGate can do for you.

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