Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steam offers a refund for From Dust

Steam has offered a compensation to dissatisfied users (not to say the least) of From Dust. The game, as mentioned above, is characterized by the famous security system based on Ubisoft DRM that requires an Internet connection is always on, in addition to various problems and glitches that emerged in the PC version.

The French publisher has already announced it is working to remove DRM of this type, but apparently also the digital delivery system has activated a procedure to satisfy its users. It is in fact a rather extreme move, as the principles of Steam offender who normally do not offer refunds for products purchased, except for pre-orders.

It is also another step towards the confirmation of the problems related to the security system at Ubisoft, who also announced that it is working to change the DRM Driver: San Francisco, so the game can be played offline.

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