Friday, June 10, 2011

Sony: PlayStation Life sold at a loss

Through the sale of video games for PlayStation Life, Sony plans to return the investment made on the new portable console that allows the company of Japan, will be sold at a loss for several years. As announced a few days ago, Sony PlayStation propose the basic model of life (without 3G capabilities) at a competitive price, € 249.99.

The strategy, as opposed to that adopted for the launch of PSP Go, said the attempt by Sony to reach the widest possible audience, he admitted the boss of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Andrew House. "We decided to operate on the basis of a model of mixed margin," says House. "We have negligible earnings, or losses, in terms of hardware, but from the perspective of software and peripherals will have more income.

We will adopt this model for Life." Yet to confirm the price of games for the new handheld, which can supply software and varied as that of current PS3/PSP, including Minis, PSN games, retail, Essentials, all sold at different prices.

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