Friday, June 10, 2011

Because Dust is an exclusive 514 PS3?

Halldor Fanna CCP has explained the reasons which prompted the authors of Eve Online to develop 514 Dust exclusively on PlayStation 3. "The policies we allow Sony to make the game we want, we've chosen the NDP," says Fannin. "With Sony, we can use our system, while Microsoft requires the use of Xbox Live.

I am very strict on this point. Sony is in agreement with us on quarterly cycles of expansion. They are studying the realm of MMOs, and continue to wonder why this model does not work on consoles. I think that should be answered only a few things to make it all work. " As for Eve Online users will be forced to buy a PlayStation 3 to play Dust 514, with the MMO title that shares the virtual PC? "We cater to a user different, this is our first goal.

People who have tried EVE are really many, but the style of Dust is completely different." And the future? "Right now is an exclusive PlayStation 3 and try to achieve the best possible play, but I can not talk about what happens in the future ..."

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