Monday, June 6, 2011

Will Wright talks about his new projects

Will Wright is currently working on a video game based on a story by Bruce Sterling, Maneki Neko. The game, held at Wright Videogame Source, will arrive on tablets, smart phones and social networks like Facebook. "At the moment the changes are happening at a dizzying rate, so now I do not think it makes sense to design development cycles of three or four years," says Wright.

"If you can not bring anything on the market within a year, at least an early version, you're screwed." "This new model of development has made me face the problem of development from a perspective quite different. Almost all the games on which I want to work are based on concepts that will allow me to launch a product after one year, and then propose several episodes ".

Wright admits that most of its projects for platforms such as PC, tablet, Facebook and mobile phones, but "one or two projects are for consoles.

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