Monday, June 6, 2011

Microsoft wants a more efficient Kinect

According to a source Videogame by some sources, Microsoft is working to improve the performance of Kinect. Soon the U.S. company will launch an upgrade that will allow you to control Kinect with new languages, the announcement should come at E3 along with a demo of Rare show that the characteristics of the new version of the device.

Microsoft will improve the performance of Kinect "inhibiting sound and depth" to allow the device to focus on sending the video signal. "It does not provide the desired quality because it only sends the video signal, but also those related to audio and depth," says the source. The resolution is 640x480 Kinect, while that of most Xbox 360 games to reach the native resolution of 1280x720.

"They are working to get a 1:1 ratio, by disabling the depth can get a higher resolution." Microsoft is trying to refine the recognition of the movements of the human skeleton by the device. All the latest news in the coming months through a software upgrade will achieve higher quality games.

The second generation of titles for Kinect will be presented by Microsoft at E3: "The development of many of the early games has been hastened by the launch of the device. Now Microsoft is trying to limit the features of perfierica. You will see many improvements. "

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