Saturday, July 9, 2011

New details of PlanetSide 2

A lot of news, but do not want to lose contact with the past Matt Higby, director of creative PlanetSide 2, said that the game will boast that the huge maps and Forgelight Engine, used to manage the graphics and physics, will implement realistic solutions in terms of flight covers and special effects.

Higby PlanetSide 2 will be explained that in many ways a reinterpretation of the first episode with the war between three different factions Auraxis to destabilize the planet and the player engaged in a series of battles to gain experience and level up, so that access to new weapons and classes of vehicles.

According to Higby, the game will place a strong emphasis on the control of territories, because this operation will allow the factions to gather useful resources to use and upgrade weapons and vehicles. The system of certification, which is based access to these objects, work time and thus will enable us to acquire knowledge within a certain time interval.

Sony Online Entertainment will try to differentiate significantly the three factions available, paying particular specialization within the various teams. The combat system will keep the speed and spectacle that characterized the first episode, while some missions will re situations the best views in the past.

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