Saturday, July 9, 2011

The PC has far outdistanced the console, according to Mark Rein

The vice president of Epic Games has no doubt about which is the platform more powerful when doing here is the declaration by John Carmack, a gaming PC that would be ten times more powerful than the current home consoles, Mark Rein of Epic Games has spoken of 'importance of personal computers for the future of gaming.

"We arrived at that point in the life of the console where the distance to a PC has become very large, in terms of technical capabilities," Rein said, adding that in his opinion the PC acts as the platform of choice for developers. Speaking to Eurogamer, Rein also said: "Do not forget that every game is made using a PC.

(...) With the PC you can simulate the future of gaming: just equip them with certain hardware to see what the next console will be able to do. " The reference is clearly to the Samaritan demo, running on a PC just very pumped. "It 'been a little' love letter to our hardware manufacturers," said Rein.

"We hope that the console manufacturers look at the demo and decide to focus on those results for their new systems, just trying to compete with what an upper-middle-end PC will be able to do within a year."

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