Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Apple has more money the U.S. government

And despite the crisis it is a lot of money, according to a recent report from Apple, the company has a monetary reserve of 46.9 billion dollars while the U.S. government said liquid for only 43.5 billion. In short, the buying power of Apple and is devastating when a company builds up so many funds facing significant acquisitions both in the field of patents and technology for whole companies.

Sure, some of the capital, relatively minor, will finance the new headquarters of Apple. A huge glass structure and composed of rounded surfaces, which in 2015 should be ready to host something like 12,000 employees. The new base of operations of the company will also offer recreational centers, gymnasiums, auditoriums and will be surrounded by a park dotted with trees well 6000.

The main dining area will have over 3,000 seats.

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