Saturday, August 13, 2011

The next Call of Duty will be called "Iron Wolf"?

The discovery of two hackers Xbox Live account of an employee of Treyarch Two hackers (category ultimamenete very popular) seem to have discovered the title of the next episode of Call of Duty rummaging in your Xbox Live by an employee of Treyarch. The account in question, whose gamertag is "braindx0", in fact, belong to the developer of a team of Black Ops and several episodes of the series Activision earlier.

Hackers have noticed that several developer friends that had grappled with a certain Iron Wolf, who might then be the "codename" for the next COD, or its subtitle. Activision did not comment on these rumors, the truth of which is also in major doubt, simply because it is very difficult for some developers play on a public platform a beta of their upcoming title, not yet announced.

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