Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 2011 - The demo for Wii at E3 U

6 demonstration to convince potential of U Wii HD Experience is a demo of the technique shown during the presentation of the console and is not playable. Chase Mii emmezzo Two minutes of play with four players with the Wiimote that must chase a player who has the new controller. The latter can see where their opponents on a minimap shows the touch screen.

This is a technically limited demo is to show the possible interactions between the new controller and the Wii. Battle Mii shooter is one who sees a player with the new controller in the face on a helicopter while the players with the Wii remote shooting from the floor. The demo, as well as showing the interaction between different controllers, allows those who try to verify the convenience and ease of use of the new pad.

Another demonstration Shield Pose cartoon style that asks the player to ward off some arrows coming from some pirate ships. This application aims to highlights the response times of sensors and sensing the correct position of the player. Panorama View is a technical demo that shows a car passing through Tokyo.

The application runs both on the TV screen is the touch screen controller that lets you rotate the camera. Apparently the whole thing is rather nice to see and is very fluid. HD Experience 2 demo Another technique, but based on a game. This is Zelda who has to fight some monsters in a castle.

The touch screen, in addition to showing maps and information screens, allows you to change from day to night lighting to highlight the quality of dynamic lights.

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